Raven controller for the PS3 brings 360 ergonomics to your DualShock

The PlayStation 3’s DualShock controller is an absolute classic. It’s easily withstood the demand of three generations of consoles with comparatively minimal updating: an impressive feat, comparable to the original NES controller lasting up until the N64.

That all said, as classic a design as the DualShock is, it can be hard to get used to if you’re used to an Xbox 360 controller, which is considered by many to be more user friendly in its ergonomics. For those of you who want your PS3 controller to feel more like an Xbox 360.

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GuruStarr783993d ago

preordered one of these with the 360 button layout from's only 35 bucks, and if it turns out to have a tight feel, it will be a great deal.....I've already got one third party ps3 controller with the "360 layout", (I love the concave analogs and the spacing of the sticks) but the triggers feel really cheap and loose...Nyko has a decent track history as a controller mfr. though, so I'm optimistic.

mastiffchild3993d ago

Why does no one do it with the buttons the other way round? I hate the 360 pad compared to one with the analogues level and I'm guessing that's because the 360 pad is worked out for right handed gamers. I just can't get my lefty head round it and wonder if a mirror image would be good for me but it doesn't seem I'll get the chance!

BTW, it's not just me. Most of my mates like the 360 pad just fine but of the four or five who don't all but one is a lefty like I am. Is this coincidence or further evidence of a left hand hating world?

Don't get me started on Skyward Sword,. seriously, Link is LEFT handed, so why the change? So the righty majority can play how they like with sword in motion plus holding right hand. It stinks that they aren't putting in a left handed option.

ExplosionSauce3993d ago

Although I don't exactly hate it, I do prefer the PlayStation controller lay out better. If I could use the PS3 controller on the 360, I might. But I don't mind it either way.

Foliage3993d ago

I want one for my 360 shaped like a PS3 controller. This one would be useless to me, since replacing the PS3 controller with this is a disgrace to any gamer.

Yikes... please keep that 360 dreamcast ripoff away from my PS3, I prefer comfort and functionality over retarded placement, useless bumper buttons and dpad, large deadzones on the misaligned analog sticks, etc.

Projekt7tuning3992d ago

@ mastiffchild
I'm left handed too, but I don't really agree with that. I don't think the 360 control is built for a right handed person any more than the Sony control. I like the feel of the 360 control for racing games. That's always the layout I wish I had for GT games since Ferrari 355 challenge on the Dreamcast. I like the triggers for gas and brakes better.
I always thought most of us lefty's were more ambidextrous than any thing else. Controls have been build pretty much the same way since the beginning.
I think maybe its more to do with hand size and width.

Scotracer3992d ago

I'm left handed and I prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 10-fold.

Heisenberg3992d ago

I can't get used to the joystick placement on the 360 controller, I like them level.

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SilentNegotiator3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Is there a 360 version of this controller? Because it actually has a good D-pad.

I still like the analog stick placement on the DS3 more, though. I have symmetrical thumbs (I know, I'm such a freak).

niceguywii603993d ago (Edited 3993d ago ) The 360 rip off called Raven looks like sh*t and poorly made.

Ju3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I prefer the DS3 by far over the 360 controller. No need to fix anything. I like it so much, that I prefer it on the PC as well - incl. swap triggers (R1 - R2 / RT-RB). Works just great. I hate it when some people think they need to put the fire button on the lower trigger...


hh, this will help my PS3 purchase decision, seeing as though the 360 controller is near perfect, minus the D-pad. Dualshock was cool when I was 14, but that was 15 years ago.


HOW is the ps3 controller any less "cool" than the 360 controller? most importantly, does that even matter?

on topic: both controllers need work. DS3 just needs to be a bit thicker with lower (but not repositioned!) joysticks so your thumb doesnt hit left stick on a quarter circle right when using the dpad (ssf4 can occasionally get frustrating because of this).
360 on the other hand needs much less stiff buttons overall. LB and RB that dont 'click' like a mouse (i find them useless because of this), and A NEW FUCKING DPAD!
i dont personally prefer button layout on either, but i will say i HATE that ps3s default controls in shooters are always R1 and L1 as aim and fire. a lot of shooters dont have custom controls! god stupid devs, we dont ALL have trouble using the ps3 triggers...

this controller seems pretty good, but after using the ps3s dpad extensively, i dont know if i can trust a dpad thats connected in any way: i feel like it would still have the 360s dp effect.

SilentNegotiator3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )
Hey look, they have a normal one (symmetrical) listed on Gamestop. I just might have to get one of these.

EDIT: This might just be an old design that Gamestop hasn't updated.

And then again, unless the R2/R1 and L2/L1 are flipped, it's sort of pointless, as most developers are smart enough to map the aiming/shooting at L1/R1 on the ps3 these days.

Active Reload3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Nah, that is an accurate design, the same one this article is talking about. But you should get it from Amazon, being that its $5 cheaper with free shipping included.

There's even a cool video for it underneath the picture on amazon.

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adamx3993d ago

Their is a reason the PS controller is still around, it is one of the best ever. I love my DS3.

whizyup3993d ago

Well said. Nintendo went through how many controllers? MS also.

mikepmcc3993d ago

Sorry...but when it comes to comfort, the Duelshock is simply built for Japanese hands; these enormous slabs of meat on the ends of my arms simply don't fit.

derkasan3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I'd like to see the opposite - a DualShock-style controller for the 360. While the 360 controller is nice, the D-Pad is horrendous - its one weakness!

thebudgetgamer3993d ago

i would love to play gt5 with my 360 controller due to the triggers.


The triggers can be fixed.

How can you fix the D pad on Xbox 360 Controller?

thebudgetgamer3993d ago

simmer down, i've been a console gamer since 87 and the dualshock is the best controller i have ever used. i just like the feel of racing games with my 360 controller a little more.

vickers5003993d ago

Those do make it better, but they do not quite fix it. They still do not feel like proper triggers. They are too wide.

That's my opinion anyways, so don't go calling me a 360 fanboy (haven't bought a game for my 360 since Gears 2, and I own about 37-40 retail ps3 games, not including psn games).

SpitFireAce853993d ago

Use a wheel/paddles gamer from 87 you should know
that nothing beats driving a GT game with a G27.

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ndibu3993d ago

Only thing it needs is DS3 D-pad.

Takoulya3993d ago

I just can't get the feel of playing shooters with the 360 controller. I only play it on my cousin's XBOX 360, but moving the right thumbstick always seems jittery and non-smooth. The DS3 makes for a much better shooter experience, IMO, other than the L2 and R2 buttons.

bartbart3993d ago

analog stick placement is key

GuruStarr783993d ago

ALOT of PS3 fanboys on this thread.

SpitFireAce853993d ago

I believe this is a ps3 there is
your answer.

silvacrest3993d ago

the 360 seriously needs a better D pad

im surprised no one has jumped on that yet

gamingisnotacrime3993d ago

when doing comparisons, reviewrs go "the Dpad on the 360 is not that good"
Is fking terrible! and they have no desire to fix it

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