Halo: Reach- Revolution or Evolution?

GamingBolt does an in-depth analysis of Halo reach. Click to read the preview.

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halocursed3993d ago

Evolution or revolution I dont care. If its a good game I am going to be the first in the line. But judging by the 674P ending makes me feel this is not going to be the Halo I am waiting for.

Bluemaster773993d ago

SMH I feel sorry for those such as you , you all dont even game to enjoy the experience but to Troll ... its pathetic

3993d ago
Kalowest3993d ago

How about we agree to disagree and say a little of both Evolution and Revolution.

kuromatsuri3993d ago

Halo Reach looks to be running below 720P...Man this is the 7th generation of gaming!

003993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

you do realize that most games don't even run in 720p , hell MGS4 was below 720p and that didn't stop it from being a great game or most games really. Can someone even notice the difference from 620p to 720p?

SixZeroFour3993d ago

of course kuro can notice...he counts every pixel to make sure its there before he starts playing /s

dragonelite3993d ago

1152*720 is reach resolution is a improvement over Halo 3 which was 1152*640p.
Not even that active Ai got tripled, Dynamic light sources increased tenfold.
Bigger and opener levels. Better character models and animation.

Even gameplay is complete different at the basis Reach has faster moving speed but the jump height is way lower. Armor abilities change up gameplay quit well.

Dance3993d ago

i say its a mixture of both

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The story is too old to be commented.