Toshiba to release glasses-free 3D TV this year?

As early as the end of this year in Japan, according to a report, Toshiba will release televisions capable of displaying 3D content that, unlike current models, do not require viewers to don special glasses.

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Montrealien4845d ago

I guess good things come to those who wait.

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UnSelf4844d ago

u dont need special glasses, u just need to be special

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UnwanteDreamz4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

With all do respect to those people waiting for glasses free 3D. You will be waiting alot longet than you think for a glasses free 3D expierence on a TV that matches what glasses can do now.

All of you doubters need to do yourself a favor and actually research the tech. It is painfully obvious that at the momment you have no idea what you are talking about.

I can't wait for glasses free 3D on my TV. I know that when the day comes my game console will support it. All of the 3D displays to have come out without glasses are nothing to be impressed with.

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OC_MurphysLaw4845d ago

Is precisely why I am not willing to jump in and drink Sony's Cool-aid for the their Glasses dependent experience.

Baka-akaB4844d ago

keep telling yourself that , by the time the kinks are worked out and those sets are affordable , the early birds are enjoying 3d as of right now , and will be enjoying it again same as you when glassless 3d is worth something .

The naysayers arent as smart as they usually think they are

nycredude4844d ago

You can get a 46 samsung 3d hdtv for $1,500 already. By end of this year it will be $1,200 or less.

UnwanteDreamz4844d ago

If you think Sony isn't already working on Autosterescopic 3D then you are a fool. They will have Autosterescopic 3D TV's out when the tech is fleshed out enough for consumers. To date all 3D displays without glasses have failed in the market.

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alphakennybody4845d ago (Edited 4845d ago )

yea i'm not shelling out $3k for a 3d tv with glasses but i'm willing to pay up
$9k for a glaaseless 3dtv /s

UnSelf4844d ago

dont mess wit eddy raja!!

GrilledCheeseBook4845d ago

they've been showing 3DTV's without glasses for a couple years now which is why I haven't bought a 3DTV yet

divideby04844d ago

^ nah, be honest ...

the real reason many of us have not been into 3D is the LACK OF CONTENT...

if there were a glasses TV set out now, the price would be so expensive and still there is so little 3D content. I'd say you were rich or just a fool to have purchased a 3D set before this year, as you said you would have

ApocalypseShadow4844d ago

but in those years you have been waiting,the price on glassless tvs still hasn't dropped enough for consumer consumption.which is why the 3D we have now is cheaper and ready for the masses.and it works.

i'm all for glassless.but i'd rather play today looking like i'm protecting my eyes from the sun,than wait another 5-10 years just to get the chance to try 3D the glassless way.

Lovable4844d ago

This is bound to happen, and the more I see how 3D gets implemented to further improve the experience, the more I believe that this really is the future...