Xtreme Hacked Firmware 3.0 for TS-H943 Xbox 360

Commodore4eva has released a new modified firmware for the Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 drive. The world's first media stealth firmware-only Xbox 360 backup and extraction firmware modification.

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dfb19775393d ago

But I think this should be taken down. Cracking software is a big hobby and a big acheivement and I respect that but it is damaging to the industry and only gives the people in control the opportunity to use it as an excuse to put the prices of games up

TheMART5393d ago

Still, even when the games can't be detected, the FW itself still can be detected by MS.

So I guess it's not completely stealth. It's like a fat lady that tries to hide behind traffic stop sign pole

No one using this is safe for 100% so just keep that in mind of loosing Live, or even have to send back the console to MS...

CAPS LOCK5393d ago

it doesn't look as easy as hacking a psp, but i think it can be done for a wile say about 2 months and then microsoft will just release an update and it wont work again, but maybe it will keep getting hacked like the psp who knows?

BIadestarX5393d ago

I think Microsoft should not only brick any 360 where this is detected but also, drop gamescore to 0 and suspend the account for at least 2 months.