Risks of Activating Your PSN Account on Others PS3’s writes:

As many people know, you can activate up to 5 PS3’s with your PSN account. Eddie from recently hit a situation where he needed Sony to reset his account to zero PS3’s so that he could activate his newest console and what a horrible time he had doing this.

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GWAVE4046d ago

Okaaaaay. When I get four YLoDs then I'll heed your advice. But for now, I'm on my second PS3 (sold the first one in favor of the Slim).

zootang4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I also heard that each hard drive counts as an activation?

@below you sure?

Are_The_MaDNess4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

thats a no,
@ zootang pretty sure

but it only takes like a min for deactivate the PSN tho, so do it anyway just in case im wrong XD

4046d ago
zootang4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I only ask because I have been struggling to get my girlfriends PSN account to activate on her console. Strange thing is I changed the hard drive and now when she goes to download anything from the store it says that there is already 5 accounts active and Sony aren't helping at the moment

UltimateIdiot9114046d ago

No, I've swapped my harddrive before and had my PS3 activated on 5 PS3 at one point.

IdahoPkwy4046d ago

If you go to and sign in using your PSN id you can see all your activated systems or slash sony devices. I have 5 activated PS3 systems for games and 1 PS3 for movies/videos, 1 Bravia HDTV and 2 PSPs. you can just click on what device you want to view, brings up a list then click options button under each system. left hand side says deavtivate system. Qriocity website is nice, all kinds of stuff, including a transaction manager in case something is mistaken.

zootang4046d ago

I tried Qriocity and it doesn't seem to work in the UK

0mega44046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

as after I had a ylod ps3
you can only have one account for videos
not like the 5 with gameshare

and within one email they deactivated all consoles with my psn

informing me to just activate it on my next login

as it is not a problem for them to do so because if you have control of your account you could always reactivate additional ps3s

the author admits to gamesharing with friends as with gamesharing policy you have to own the consoles

and support had every right to make accusations and threaten the ban hammer as he failed to follow the agreement once he purchased the game and decided to game share with friends

you cant call them telling them you spread your content across 5 friends ps3
so it is his fault for going about it wrong with support

additionally he could have skipped support and done this all on his own threw

Dee_914046d ago

thats like 80% of all YLod ps3's

hey kid next time you get 5 ps3's make sure they are properly ventilated and dusted often because thats just crazy
you mustvt been playing them for like 23hrs a day

but yea ontopic
.. nice article ..

TotalPS3Fanboy4046d ago

to get those other PS3s deactivated. So no worries.

Biggunz4046d ago

Awesome...I didn't know you could do that with

Biggunz4046d ago

actually I just found out, when you go to and click deactivate, it doesn't do anything except tell you it must be done through the XMB.

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himdeel4046d ago deauthorize PS3s...

Are_The_MaDNess4046d ago

can't agree more, i got 5 PS3's activated on my PSN now (and only one of them is mine) some of the people i traded don't even got a PS3 anymore

Elimin84046d ago

I too had that same problem when I called them up. they didn't want to deactivate the video for my ylod/60 gb but did it as a one time ''courtesy'' but they wouldn't do the games they said to make another accnt. I told the ass that all my games and trophies are tied t one account why would I do another? there would be no access to previously bought games.. I have all 5 activated. My two bros my ylod my new and a friend..

DlocDaBudSmoka4046d ago

its at the site. i know it shows how many ps3s/psp are activated with ur psn acct. i believe u can deactivate the ones you own from the site. i know kinda pointless if u have ur psn on ps3s other than the one(s) you own.

himdeel4046d ago

...deactivate systems from that link. You should be able to do so however.

madpuppy4046d ago

you can click on each authorized system and there is a button to unauthorize the account for each.

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WhatARump4046d ago

This guy is just bitching; same thing happened to me and Sony was courteous.

In the end they DID do it for him so aside from getting a bad customer service rep what's the point of this article!

Matthew944046d ago

the point is that they gave him shit for doing something that they advertise as a good feature and threatened him over it

WhatARump4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Correction not Sony, a retarded support agent. As I said, the same thing happened to me with no hiccups (I also got the YLD, had other issues and i've activated my account on my friends ps3's...)

jerethdagryphon4046d ago

ok how do i deactivate an acount, i borrowed a friends while mine was off... ill start at begining

bought 60 gig launch, recently it died, borrowed a friends while it was off being repaired used my acount on that.

got replacment activated my account on there.

i want to unactivate the acount i used on my driends

Takoulya4046d ago

I believe you sign into your PSN from the PS3 you wish to deactivate. From there, you go to Account Management on the PSN Tab and deactivate from there.

Handsome_Devil4046d ago

Thanks for the tip, I moved to Holland a year ago, and I couldn't deactivate some of my PS3's. I'll make sure that every one knows this :).

Scary694046d ago

I just had my PS3 account reset but did not encounter any problems. All they did was take my email and within a few dates it was reset.

bjornbear4046d ago

i mean, switch off the PS3 once in a while, keep it clear of dust, keep air circulation good, and take care of it.

if you got 4 YLOD's, you obviously didn't take enough care of you PS3, and thus any hardship you suffer is well deserved.

next time, take more care of your console.

dragon824046d ago

Well, I can only speak for myself but I have had to send two PS3's in to Sony already. I got "YLOD" on my launch 60GB and the 80GB model I replaced it with got the "Red Screen of death".

Before you try and use that "you don't take care of your stuff" crap on me just know that all of my stuff is kept in mint condition and dusted daily. The only way for it to get more airflow is to put it outside an it sits on a tv stand with all four sides open as well as the top.

On a side note I have two PS3's, Xbox 360 and a Wii that still run fine.

Playerz84046d ago

When I had to deactivate my account from my old PS3 that got YLOD, they were more than welcome to help me out. I don't understand these stories about rude employees at Sony.

And damn, 4 YLOD's? That's hardcore.

MmaFanQc4046d ago

shared some games with my sister ps3 account, had a yold, had a broken mboard, had two new ps3 slims(bed room and living room) and had to reactivate my account, called sony and it took less than 5 minutes to do it.

not THAT bad heh?

HateFanboys4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I am heated, so these types of articles are of major interest to me. As far as i know, not only am i losing my PS3 (that didnt even make it 3 yrs) but i am also losing my saves, which makes it suck even more! I dont know what i am going to do. I dont wanna pay Sony for their shoddy worksmanship, but at the same time, i dont wanna be left out of the loop (Killzone 3, GT5, Imfamous 2, UC3, etc.) So i dont know what to do. Sony needs to step up and do the right thing and fix my PS3 for free. After all it broke because of their workmanship!

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Hellsvacancy4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I game share often (with afew trusted N4G members) ive never had a problem, 2 of my account slots hav gone walk about (i know the mofo whos got them and when i c him ill punch the fucker in the face)

Im sure i could ring Sony up and get them back its just i cant b bothered ive been told it isnt that hard 2 do

And 4 YLODS? does this mofo live in a volcano or summin?

Handsome_Devil4046d ago

you could go to sign in and deactivate what ever PS3 you have activated :)

WildArmed4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

You can't deactivate systems there.

but here's a REALLY good idea -- worked for me twice (i'm on my second reset)..
IF (ever) you get YLOD, send it to sony.. you'll get a receipt.

Now, email customer service saying I SENT in my ps3.. and it's taking up a dead slot..
can I have my slot back?
here's the customer service code proving i sent it in.
Bam, did it like a charm.
They resetted all my ps3s.

They've never bitched at me once (and yes, email is a better way to contact them for this, so they have time to do through proper channels and give you an answer.. on the phone they are in a rush and have alot of people wanting on hold)

Oh and for the record, the new limit is 3 (apparently.. so next time you goto your 'familys and friends' house, DEACTIVE your ps3 when you leave.. -- I'm talking to the author here)

No FanS Land4046d ago

there is no, new 3 limit.
there was a rumor about it.
I decided to read the eula in its entirety. It still mentions 5.
unless they changed the agreement recently.

WildArmed4045d ago

My ps3 is maxed out at 3 ps3s atm.
Even though it does say 5.
If you goto, and log in, it'll show you how many ps3s are logged in. (and if you have reached the limit, mine says it has w/ 3 ps3s)

mushroomwig4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Never again, I made the mistake of sharing with 4 other people and then suffering the YLOD on my original console

It took me forever to get in contact with one of the guys so I could ask him to deactivate.

Disagrees? I wasn't aware that I made a comment that could be agreed or disagreed with.

8-bit4046d ago

I did it a few times and totally forgot who I game shared with. I would be screwed..

LiquifiedArt4046d ago

If you cannot manage your activations remotely then its a failed system. Me and my brother (live in the same house) have our names on eachothers ps3. His ps3 just YLOD. greattttttt.

And i was holding back on putting my name on his because i knew the situation, but who would of thought only weeks after i did it YLOD.

SONY needs to provide REMOTE deactivation through their web interface.

Droid Control4046d ago

M$ don't even let you share your profile across 2 360's!
I have two xbox 360's in my house, one downstairs, one up, but i can't transfer content between them without uploading and re-downloading my profile and content.

Imagine buying a DVD or CD and only being able to play it on one device!
Ridiculous. M$ should allows gamers to connect more than one console they own to the same gamertag network, especially if its in the same home.

sedx4046d ago

happen to me and i called sony ,and gave the manager shit.The next day it was fixed