Bungie: 'Nothing's holding us back now'

Bungie has told CVG that it is in a better position than ever now it's moved fully into cross-platform development - and that its new project can even out-do the firm's classic Halo games.

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frankymv3995d ago

Wonder when Bungie will reveal their next universe.

Hopefully E3 2011.

wwm0nkey3995d ago

I hope so, I really hope the 2nd IP is a new Marathon game, I would be so fucking happy.

DarkSniper3995d ago ShowReplies(6)
NYC_Gamer3995d ago

Bungie wants to celebrate their freedom....after years of making Halo games

MorganX3995d ago

I'm sure they's celebrating in a lot grander fashion after XBox and Halo than they were with the defunct Marathon on Mac. Their bank accounts are probably significantly larger as well.

Malebaria3995d ago

I can´t wait to see what they´re working on.

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The story is too old to be commented.