Beta Invites Going Out for PS3 Exclusive Dead Nation

As of last night, beta invites have begun to make their way to the email inboxes of PlayStation Networks best users. So far, it only seems to be a very small select few getting these invites. Those who do are of course tasked with putting the game through its paces, and thoroughly testing for bugs and other issues.

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kratos1233711d ago

damn how can i get these invtes i see all my none hardcore caseul friends getting these invites but i never get 1 damnit sony give it to the players that have lvl 12 or higher

Sev3711d ago

I didn't get on either :(

Though a couple of my buddies did. Now I am forced to hate them and plot their death.

Redempteur3711d ago

Sev you know when the LBP2 beta will start ?
because i'm waiting (like everyone else on the private beta foroms) any tips ? exclusives info ? i'm about to kill someone if i don't taste LBP2 soon ....

Shadow Flare3711d ago

"As of last night, beta invites have begun to make their way to the email inboxes of PlayStation Networks best users."

As of last night? I got a beta invite on Monday 16th, over a week ago. I'm looking at the email now. They're running free play sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8-10pm uk time. When I looked at the global high score list though, it looked like only around 350 people got an invite. I may be wrong. But I thought they might have sent invites to people who had high scores in super stardust. Maybe they're sending more invites out now

Not to rub it in, but dead nation is wicked. Very addictive like stardust is. I find myself playing it every time I use my ps3

danmachine3711d ago


this is the reason i bought ps+ to actually get in fucking betas.
i swear if we dont autiomatically get into the killzone 3 and lbp2 betas i'm going to be pissed.

MicroSony4Life3711d ago

This must be one massive download game.

decimalator3711d ago

Don't you mean, trick them into becoming zombies? But then of course, you wouldn't be able to kill them until it comes to retail :(

Poor Sev, poor poor Sev.

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harrisk9543711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I'm level 10 and I got one.

hakis863711d ago

Does that help? :O) I haven't recieved any e-mail (EU)

Orion3711d ago

European Union user as well, also subscribed to PS+. No email here either... hopefully soon? want betas!! :)

freezola753711d ago

I'm level 10 so that would exclude me lolol... but if you got PS+ then you're supposed to get these invites to the betas so no worries... Hopefully our email inboxes will receive some hot steamy undead bloody action (because this game is Bloody as hell!)today yall.

kratos1233711d ago

Sorry guys I'm just made because I have a friend in my list that's a lvl 4 Soo he basically never plays his games till the end and he got in every cool beta and plays only 4 a short time that kind of thing rubs my the wrong way I had hoped that + would put a end to that but to my regret it doesn't seem that way

DKell3711d ago

the game has amazing graphics and is highly addictive

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Philaroni3711d ago

I got one, it was in my email.

Taggart4513711d ago

I expect impressions, videos, and all sorts of stuff about this game Sev (or anyone who DID get one) because I don't think I'll be playing it any time soon :-\

harrisk9543711d ago

Can't wait to check it out!

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