USA Today: Xbox 360 version of 'Madden NFL 08' sticks it to PS3

The release of Madden 08 marks the first time owners of Xbox 360 have a truly complete version of the NFL franchise. The 06 iteration, released with the console's launch, was horribly thin on all fronts. Last year's release, while markedly improved, still felt liked a neutered version of older-generation versions because of little options.

PS3 owners, unfortunately, are greeted with a Madden that is sluggish in comparison. Action stutters far too often, particularly on injuries, penalties and turnovers. There's also a half-second delay between pressing the hike button and receiving the ball in your hands. Even close-ups between play look dull when lined up against the 360's sleeker cut scenes.

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InMyOpinion5778d ago

There are also tons of articles on the red ring of death and MS faulty console but that does not stop people from posting even more of them.

sticky doja5778d ago

Agree there, and Madden just came out less than 24 hours ago. RROD has been around forever with probably 5,000 articles. Many well after Microsofts 1bil announcement before E3.

Real Gambler5778d ago

EA shutdown most of their server for online gaming for their 2006 line up. We are in 2007!!!! They did this because they want to sell newer version of their games, but so what if I still want to play an old version of Burnout or any old sport games online???
Even worst, Xbox live cost $50/year to give you better online service, and yet, EA can still cut off online servers after one year???
I cannot afford to buy 20 games ever years, so it just make sense to still play some one year old titles. This game has online, so if they keep the trend, next year, server will go off so they can sell their 2009 version! NO WAY This is way to greedy for me. No matter how good (or bad...) it look, I'm no longer buying any EA games with online play.

secret5778d ago (Edited 5778d ago )

EA has a marketing deal with Microsoft. In this deal, Microsoft promises to do in-game advertising in most EA games, so it's one reasons why EA will favor Microsoft with a kind of "secret handshake."

Looking at Motorstorm, Resistance Fall of man, Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, MGS4, Heveanly Sword, Killzone 2, and Grand Turismo 5, we know know what the PS3 is capable of. Any subpar game can only be blamed now on the developer's character or aptitude. They either intentionally want to hurt the PS3. Or they're slow in learning.

So again, this should not be titled as a 360 versus PS3 article. We've already seen what the PS3 is capable of. The real issue at hand is whether EA is an ethical company or not and whether EA is a competent company or not. It's EA versus morality and / or competency issues and not about any particular console. Keep it up, EA. We'd like to see more of what kind of person you really are.

poet2155777d ago (Edited 5777d ago )

I have nothing against 360, but after playing Madden on Playstation for 10yrs, I'm much more comfortable with Sony's controller layout & scheme. Using a playstation controller for Madden, is like 2nd nature for many players out there. For many years, Sony's machines have been the console that EA subliminally promotes. This year is just another sign of change. I'm disappointed that PS3's version is inferior. The evidence is right in front of everyone for them to see. When do you ever remember seeing a Madden ad in the past that didn't showcase a Playstation copy of the game? I do believe Microsoft & EA have some sort of promotion deal in place. The Sony version gets mentioned almost as an after thought, this year. I knew once I saw the first commercial advertising this years game, how things were going to go down. The commercials mostly end with an XBoX Live logo. Not to mention, the folks playing in every commercial are playing 360. That's just the way things work. EA clearly favors the frontrunner. You could compare EA (& many other developers) to a sports fan that has no set favorite team, but rather roots & cheers for whichever team currently winning on a season to season basis. I had a launch 360 & sold it the same day. I'll probably get another when price drops/hardware issues are solved. Meaning, I favor Sony, but I enjoy Microsofts machine as well. I still play XboX 1. For years XboX 1 Madden's were considered 2nd fiddle to Sony's. I guess it's our turn to be on the outside lookin' in for awhile.

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harpua5778d ago

"Action stutters far too often, particularly on injuries, penalties and turnovers."

lol......gee, so the less important parts stutter.

Ignorant Fanboy5778d ago

Do you watch football?

Excuses, Excuses.

killercam195778d ago (Edited 5778d ago )

those troublesome lazy devs shame on them

thants what u guys wanna hear right

EDIT: to 4.1 are u that stupid i'm being sarcastic i own a 360

SKullDugger5778d ago (Edited 5778d ago )

The DEV's are not lazy its your PS3 that's lazy it can't run the game at 60fps only 30fps. What happened to all that massive power the PS3 is suppose to have? huh!!!! Same amount of DEV. time for both versions tell me why the 360 version is so much better? its the HARDWARE BABY!!!! its a game console not a super duper do everthing console.

Fisher3395778d ago

Dont be ingorant. Lair can run Smoothly with 1000's of units on screen and massive maps while flying on a detailed dragon. EA was just being lazy.

Wingnut265778d ago

Programming for the 360 is just like programming for a PC, same architecture. The PS3 has brand new internals that take some time to get running as desired. I mean honestly, who can't program for a computer? People have had years of practice. That's cool though, they can develop for a machine that doesn't test their knowledge or push them to be better, have their crappy game.

Demon19805777d ago

Ur such a duma$$, ps3 can handle 60 fps, but the EA developers didn't want to put it on the ps3 cause it's 1 year into it's life cycle.

5777d ago
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duarteq5778d ago

I thinks this game will be good for both consoles, but it will interest only americans.

I'm no fan of American Football.

PES Rulez

mighty_douche5778d ago

totally agree! can't wait for the new PRO!!

Bordel_19005778d ago (Edited 5778d ago )

What fu*king moron disagrees with this? American football? It's only watched and played in the states. Rest of the world couldn't care less about Baseball and Amercan Football. (except baseball in Cuba and Japan).

CNIVEK5778d ago

...and Europe, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada... . Time to crawl out of your cave, and see the rest of the world, son. :o