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NowGamer looks at the longest games in different genres, from the longest FPS games, to the largest open worlds. This is a list of longest games by genre, NOT longest games full stop.

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Jallen4848d ago

The Total War series really needs a mention too. Hell any RTS really eats up your time, like Age of Empires but I guess Civilisation represents them.

fastrez4848d ago

Yeah Total War is a beast. Looks like they chose Civ IV for the strategy genre though. Shogun 2 Total War will no doubt be massive when that launches too.

Conloles4848d ago

6 of these on PC, add in mods and you have even longer games

GWAVE4848d ago

Total War is indeed a sweet series w a lot of content.

I think Dragon Warrior 7 on PS1 is one of the longest games, simply because the storyline takes a required 100+ hours to complete, not including sidequests.

Stuart57564848d ago

GTA3 100% Completion took me a hell of a long time, tryin to find all those different vehicles!

JohnApocalypse4848d ago

I thought Fallout 3 was pretty dam long. And what about those Pokemon games?

God_Of_Epicness4847d ago

I finish one Pokemon game within 200+ hours. That's gotta be a mention. I captured all 386 Pokemon there was.

Kishin4848d ago

Dragon Quest games... the avrg game gives u 90 to 300hrs of gameplay.... Especially DQ8 on ps2.

RememberThe3574848d ago

I think I finished DQ8 in 92 hours. It's one of my favorite game on the PS2.

JakemanPS319944848d ago

i would say resident evil 4 is pretty long. it toke me about 20 some odd hours to go threw my first time and im still not done with mercinaries.

Corrwin4848d ago

Is there some rule that you have to mention HL2 to seem legit it video game journalism?

I remember completing this in the 8-10 hour range when it came out in 2004, then it took about 16 hours on PS3 a few years later. Don't ask me why it took longer the second time, maybe it has something to do with the controls.

AAAAAAANY WAY, the play time is short compared to the original, so why isn't this on a list of "Longest games ever". Has the author only played games from the last couple of console generations?

Mista T4848d ago

It's longer than most action fps games

jashmister4848d ago

Half life 1 was a lot bigger maybe double HL2's size but sad as it is Hl2 is still a long game compared too nearly all action Fps.
Although i did finish HL2 in at least 10 hours and just cause 2 at 24 hours by the games timer

fastrez4848d ago

Longest games 'in their genres' How many straight-up FPS titles do you see longer these days?

Corrwin4848d ago

And the Valve defence force joins the fray.

"It's longer than most action fps games" - Does not matter, the list is "Longest Games Ever", not "Some of the Longest Games ever", or "Really long games that managed to capture my ADHD-afflicted attention"

"How many straight-up FPS titles do you see longer these days?"
I think you're selling HL2 short (HL2 certainly features things you wouldn't find in a 'straight-shooter'), but that's besides the point, there are many FPSs that last longer: Wolfenstein, Far Cry 2, Borderlands, Operation Flashpoint 1 & 2, AmrA 1 & 2.

ico924848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

when you think about it how many fps this gen take over 8 hours to beat ?

likedamaster4847d ago

Half-Life 2 never felt long to me, although it was. That is all.

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