Halo ripped off in new Samsung commercial.

Samsung Halo- er, phone commercial. Wow - the latest Samsung 4G commercial takes more than a few cues from Halo. …

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dabri53887d ago

Wow, how much of a rip off can you get?

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Redrum0593887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Srry for posting this here, I know it would get lots of attention here on this thread.
I know this is way way off topic but, does anyone have any info on starhawk/warhawk2? I was on YouTube surfing through vids and came across ign review of warhawk, it got me really interested in it and I relised i have no aircombat game on my collection. So I might get warhawk but I wanna know I lil more on starhawk/warhawk2.

@shogun360: yeah srry bout that.
On topic: if someone can't see this as a halo ripoff, then either they r blind or oblivious to gaming. Still a nice trailer.

SHOGUN 36o3887d ago

Like you said... off topic.

SOAD3887d ago

aircombat game? Get Hawx 2 if you care so much.

Starhawk hasn't been revealed officially yet.

TheBand1t3887d ago

Wait for Ace Combat next year, honestly. HAWX 2 isn't all that great.

Ultra_Gizmo_643887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I Concur.

Scotland-The-Brave3887d ago

Definitely get warhawk. Its one of the best ps3 games for online play

jack_burt0n3887d ago

get il2 sturmovik great ww2 air combat.

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badz1493887d ago

Samsung will send a package to Redmond saying that they are sorry and make badges written "Halo Reach official FPS of South Korea" LOL!

DaBadGuy3887d ago

Nice. I felt the same way about the other company that happened to. They kissed ass to dodge a lawsuit.

Nitrowolf23887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

unless MS has something to do with this, lol complete rip off then of master cheif
at least we know what he looks like now

Chuk53887d ago

That is just shameless.

mmoracerules3887d ago

Wow...just wow...wait for Bungie to knock on Samsung's door :P

Zechs343887d ago

Like Bungie would be the one to. They are cool guys, not Microsoft... That would be a huge publicity stunt that they honestly need right now...

SixZeroFour3887d ago

definitely doesnt run like a spartan II...whoever was in that suit seemed uncomfortable when he was running...lmao

dabri53887d ago

Yea, not the best quality.

003887d ago

thats what happens when you get your super soldier suit from the dollar store.

palaeomerus3886d ago

That's not Master Chief! That's uh...that's Chief Masata! Yeah. He's uh a cop. Yeah! A sci-fi police man! That's the ticket!He fights space crime! In space!

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