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lociefer4668d ago

hmmm , lots of mixed reviews

frankymv4668d ago

too many mixed reviews......

the demo was average as hell.

Montrealien4668d ago

Decent games get mixed reviews, this is a decent game. And it is also a period piece. I love the period, and will enjoy it simply for that. Its a decent open world game set in the 40s-50s eastern USA. And clearly by the mixed reviews, some people like that, and some people don't.

gamerzBEreal174668d ago

okay i think it's because not everyone likes the mafia vibe and that's what this game is all about it reminds me of good fellas and if u like movies like that get this game for the story (a cool mafia badas$ one)and it should be worth it if u don't like mafia vibe the gameplay is avrage the graphics are nothing special the guns are avrage the world has no side missions and u won't like it that much either way rent it are buy it imo im buying it i always wanted a okay mafia game and it will look cool in my collection

ReservoirDog3164668d ago

It's like Goodfellas except it doesn't look like it has a good story. Like at all.

Main reason I'm not interested in it. Looks badly acted.

kingdavid4668d ago

umm you might wanna actually read the reviews. They generally say the story is the best part of the game..

ReservoirDog3164668d ago

Reviewers say a lot of things. Doesn't make it true. Doesn't make it false either. And reviews do say the story's "inconsistent" and has "narrative problems." My problem: characters don't look believable (badly drawn), don't sound believable (badly acted and written) and, from my time with the demo, seem steeped in steriotype.

Story looks like it'd have its moments but not Goodfellas caliber. I mean, Goodfellas is near perfect.

I know a good story when I see one most of the time but maybe I'm wrong. It's possible. But it gives off a bad vibe from me.

Also the gameplay isn't very fun either. The atmosphere is nice though.

That's my take on the game anyways. Your opinions work too though (@ disagrees).

SonyWarrior4668d ago

I would have preordered this if it had multiplayer. Since it don't ill probably wait and buy it when its cheaper

TheColbertinator4668d ago

Its all over the place for Mafia 2.After playing the demo,I lost interest.The game didn't have any side activities I would have liked to do such as Extortion or Hitman.

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KiLLUMiNATi_894668d ago

wow gamespot game that junk a 8.5 whoa wasn't expected that wow I'm shocked. Same as Alan wake and heavy rain whoaaaa

Poseidon4668d ago

aint touching my ps3, dont like 2k.

Montrealien4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Why don't you like 2K?

jambabie694668d ago

montrealien. ok so theres shit with the game some dont like, i could be the same way for every game. some on here i just don't get.( that's to poseidon) now are most of you guys going to go on a "hate rampage" against 2k like you have many other devs?

by some of the comments lately some on here act like ps3 version of mafia 2 is night and day difference or something, thing is this is coming from "the camp" on n4g that claims EVERYONE else exaggerates things- wth are you KNOWN ps3 fanboys doing now?

if i buy it and i prolly will i'll get it on my ps3, no hatred from me on this game or the ps3 version. the demo was OK you guys act like this is the WORSE GAME EVER FOR SOME REASON

would someone please explain why to me? this isn't the only studio to produce an "inferior" multiplat on the ps3, but they sure as hell haven't made THE WORSE NEITHER.

i just don't get it.......... going back to playing fight night on ps3 i'll be back later to check this. thanks.

walks away confused.

karl4668d ago

so much hate for mafia 2 ...

obviosly cuz many arent happy with the ps3 version of it..
havent played it yet.. but if its half as good as the first mafia it will be an awesome game..

will be getting it for my ps3...

number474668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

called to explain yourself? 2k lied about their product. Its pretty simple?

The entire production for Mafia2/PS3 Blog Coverage has been them saying that they are making each version identical. Claiming that they know its a big problem for PS3 owners, and that they have addressed it blah blah blah.

Now of course, all developers do this, but 2k went the EXTRA effort in order to hype this by presenting PS3 Bullshots of the game, in a version that will never see the light of day. Explained only recently by a moderator on 2k's own forums, that it was an earlier code. After first pretending that the Demo was just a demo, and that it doesn't represent the final product.

2k kept releasing new screenshots of the title, which were fake. Surely they knew of the optimized ps3 version before any of the 100's of blog interviews/previews they did. Simple solution would have been for them to post screenshots of the actual game people would play.

There are too many games to choose from these days. I don't personally have to buy Mafia2, because theres plenty of Sony titles to spend the money on. As far as multiplats? I'll be picking up dead space, arkham asylum 2, but thats more than likely it. There are few multiplatform developers that hit it out of the park, that aren't just rehashing overhyped nonsense thats buggy and a technical mess on release. Thats where my $ goes.

I have the option to cherry pick these things, and only support developers who put an actual effort into their titles. This game is mediocre, as was the demo.

I don't think you should be criticized for speaking with your wallet when it comes to personal entertainment. They can keep their underwhelming games, and milk others with em.

@ Montrealian & other guy

Educate yourself on the situation before commenting.

Montrealien4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

educate myself before commenting? wow, I asked a question, but since you decided to answer for the man because it seems to hard for him to so himself thanks for trying. And you made me realize this was about the stupid console war. sorry, don't care. Its not important. Well, not the the regular consumer anyways, just the vocal minority that argue over semantics who really only represent 1.89% of the market. I will be getting this game on the PS3 for the extra episode and my experience will not be fogged by fanboy, blades of grass counting schizophrenia.

Carry on. This cause is important...

number474668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Console war related. Its not about blades of grass, its dishonesty. Has nothing to do with any device.

2k represented their product as something its not. Continued to do so, and only admitted it through direct questioning on their gaming forum. After stating the game was up to par on the PS3 countless times, doing interviews and previews that said so. Then tosses on a weighty install.

You have options to buy anything this gen with your money. You act as if you MUST buy the game, and if you decide not to for specific reasons, then you're a fanboy? Please. The game isn't exactly setting the world on fire, I think the demo showed that, and reviewers that usually fall over themselves to rate multiplatforms high, can't even give it a pass. It speaks of the way the product was developed. If my fun/entertainment can be had elsewhere for 60.00, well, its as simple as that.

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