MS permanently suspending Xbox LIVE accounts over Halo Reach pre-release

MS has struck back at all those who have downloaded and played the leaked version of Halo Reach. Not content with just banning respective consoles, MS is also permanently suspending the the Xbox LIVE tags of any players of the leaked Halo Reach version.

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jack who3691d ago

sweet my email went tho

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pimpmaster3691d ago

looks like someones butthurt ps3 got jailbroken

Mizz_mai3691d ago

...hmmm well it's seems like that's the only way microsoft can sell xbox's and live subscriptions out side the
...i dont care what anybody say's this same banning nonsense has been happening at the same time for the past 3 years...somethings up

0mega43691d ago

big surprise microsoft loves a reason to ban consoles

as it only means more sales as customers have to rebuy consoles to play there games

DelbertGrady3691d ago

Bet you wouldn't say the same if Sony banned people for jailbraiking PS3s.

003691d ago

What a conundrum we have stumbled upon.

Christopher3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

If there was ever a good reason to ban consoles, piracy would be it, IMHO. And this is definitely piracy. Nothing wrong with Microsoft banning those consoles.

0mega43690d ago

microsoft has no intent on stopping how users hack there consoles play backups along with jteg there xbox to mod lobbies

its just when there found online they are able to ban the system
forcing them to rebuy there console

now sony will update there firmware to detect and stop the usb jailbreak
much like how they got rid of linux after geohot found away to exploit that to play backups

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r1sh123691d ago

Just so you know, all the Jtags get banned. As soon as all these kids turn them on they can get banned in 1 minute or 1 hour or 1 day. Its completely random, but even if they do get banned, these kids just unban the console by changing the CPU key. Why do you think there are still Jtag lobbies for MW2?
Account suspensions is fine, but these kids will just make new accounts.
Its not hard

Persistantthug3690d ago

Losing your paid account that you've had for years, that you've grown attached to, that everyone of your friends plays.....that hurts.

avengers19783691d ago

They should ban them for life. This is a huge game for them and they are counting on it being a blockbuster... not saying that it still won't be, and then again all the people they ban could just go buy one of the many bundles the 360 is coming out with, they could even get the Reach 360.
If 1 million people illegally pirated the game Bungie is out 60 million dollars worth of sales, and that isn't cool.

fatstarr3690d ago

if you have a modded xbox
which is already banned
isnt that like the only way you can play it?

Basically you are in jail
and they are gonna send you to a worse place.

still you are already there

lazysey3690d ago

Masterchief makes a cameo near the end and you can see him put on his helmet and partially see his face before he deploys for new membosa.

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big_silky3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Not good enough, you've gotta start bricking the g-damn things so they can't play any games period. Render their console utterly useless, same goes for Sony. Start hitting them at $200, $300 a pop and maybe people will start thinking twice. If you don't play online games this isn't a punishment.

deadreckoning6663691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

"MS is also permanently suspending the the Xbox LIVE tags of any players of the leaked Halo Reach version"

Can't these pirates just make new Xbox Live tags???

ambientFLIER3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

"Can't these pirates just make new Xbox Live tags???"

The console gets banned as well. So yeah, you could buy a new xbox and make a new tag, if you were stupid enough to play with your main one.

-SIXAXIS-3691d ago

Yeah, but they can still enjoy the game offline, so it's kind of pointless (especially because there aren't many people to play online anyway).

It would make more sense to suspend the console or brick it or something.

r1sh123691d ago

The hackers have found a way to un-ban consoles, they change the CPU key/serial code.
Which is why so many people still have them, its literally takes 30 minutes to do it.
Its a shame, but once the tech gets old the customers understand how it works.
Which is why the ps3 eventually got hacked, I even said someone will eventually hack the ps3. Now theres a hack out, and there will be more to come.

Otheros003691d ago

You know they would die in court if they did that and there won't be a next generation xbox or playstation.

CombatEvolving3691d ago

Another person that didn't read the Code of Conduct.

SOAD3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

"Not good enough, you've gotta start bricking the g-damn things so they can't play any games period."

That feature's been standard since launch. :)

I couldn't help it.

FantasyStar3691d ago

LOL! That was a good one.

RageAgainstTheMShine3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

genius M$ genius

Consoldtobots3691d ago

don't be silly, you can't brick peoples consoles as it's THEIR PROPERTY, MIcrosoft would get sued to hell and back.

No Way3690d ago

Not quite. It's illegal to mod your car.. in certain ways.
I'm sure there's a way Microsoft could get around it.

DeFFeR3690d ago

You don't get guns back after using THEM illegally do you?

Same concept, different medium.

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madara0sama3691d ago

lololololololololololol @ title