KingPS3.com Review: 3D on the PS3

KingPS3.com: "Back a month or two ago, Sony released firmware update 3.30, an update that officially brought 3D to the PS3. Although, at first, games with 3D compatibility were scarce, the selection of titles able to be played in 3D is quickly growing.

After receiving my new 3D HDTV, I quickly hooked it up, downloaded a few 3D-compatible demos, and tested them all out. Here is each one of them analyzed and reviewed:"

mushroomwig4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

Do you guys thing 3D is here to stay now?

Part of me wants it to stay but another part of me thinks it's nothing more than a gimmick, an expensive gimmick.


4790d ago
TheIrishBeast4790d ago

well my samsung HDTV was an expensive gamble at £1300 or so a few years back, and HD fairly took off.

However as awesome as 3D can be on PS3 with an expensive set up, I cant see it taking off at all for at least 3-5 years.

however the 3DS will sell like Jesus himself came down and wrote "The Bible 2.0"!

LeonSKennedy4Life4790d ago

The Bible was revised after he came down already. Lol.

It would be version 3.0 if he came back again.

Cyb3r4790d ago

All I want to know is when the 3D Blu-Ray update is going to be released Im dying to see what my 3D movies will look like


september confirmed by sony cant find link tho

TheIrishBeast4790d ago

A good article

After playing through Batman AA in 3D on 360, twice, and loving it, I cant imagine what a console that has proper 3D, and powerful tech, the PS3, will be like!

Id love to try GT 5, Motorstorm and Killzone 3 on a big full HD 3D screen with expensive 3d glasses on, I bet it would be awesome.

Imagine sitting in a race seat, with a great wheel, and 3 tvs set up running (like Forza 3) in 3D? - Eyegasm!

However I amconcerned about 3D affecting the graphics and framerate consistantly in these games auch as GT 5, KZ 3 etc, but im sure if 3D takes off (which it wont I think) Sony will improve on this aspect.

edit - imagine good 3D and Kinect/Move! It would be the closet we will get to virtual reality for some time!

Dirk Benedict4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

I have experienced 3D games already. on The PlayStation 3® multi-media gaming console.

you will be totally engrossed in your gaming world of choice, when more developers jump on board to create a new depth of how you experience games.

objects are seemingly more round and literally appear as if they are there, in your living room. popping out of nowhere, coming at you without pause.

your heart rate will rise, your tension will boil over and your senses will be tingled as you take the Move controllers in your hands, feeling the sheer power of the controllers coursing through your pathetic being. prepare to defend yourself and your allies in the multiple terrains showcased in glorious HD-3D---- developed by what I can only describe as celestial beings that specialize in games development, Guerrilla Games. this can only be a masterpiece that is currently being forge in the heavens, Killzone 3.

GezForce4790d ago

Dude you sound kinda Gay!...... but agreed, i will definitely purchase a 3dtv sometime down the line :)

doshey4790d ago

i played a demo of the 3d, well watch 3d gaming, it looks like it has potential, i might get a 3d tv when i move

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