The Cheapskate's Guide to the Next-Gen

Kevin looks at the the next-gen consoles from the point of view of a person who can't afford to buy them all - People like himself.

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Boink5393d ago

he says the 360 is too big, but the ps3 is bigger, and heavier...

pbo2m35393d ago

Actually the PS3 is bigger than the 360. I can't remember the article but will try to find it and post the link. It's not much bigger but it's still bigger.

Silent5393d ago

Hello its packs a lot of power and probably a large fan for better cooling so it has to be a little big. Xboxx60 is big because.....its just freakin big OK!!!

STICKzophrenic5393d ago

He doesn't know his f*cking elbow from his ass. His opinion becomes null and void the moment he states he doesn't have a job. Well no f*cking sh*t you don't want a console, your lazy ass doesn't even have a god damn job.

Why does that website even allow him to write articles when he's so f*cking worthless?

DJ5393d ago

Yeah, i was surprised how big the 360 is. I mean they tried to hide the size by giving it the -swooosh!- inhale look, but really it just reminds me of a fat person sucking in their gut. And whadya know, the power brick was born.

The PS3's even bigger! (though, there's no sign of a power brick). Sony seems to have the attitude of "Yeah, it's fat but it's good looking, so shut it!" Can you imagine how big consoles are going to be within ten years?

Schmeltz5393d ago

Its not like their supposed to be portable. I have a 360 which sits perfectly on a shelf 99% of the time, and when I take it to my friends house, i'm capable of carrying 7.5 pounds. LOL

Its a damn console

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The story is too old to be commented.