PSN! - DC Universe Online Hands-On

DC Universe Online is a simple game, yet with a strong and powerful formula. In this market that we are facing in 2010, it's a total breath of fresh air. After playing it at GamesCom 2010, we believe that the community needs someone to explain the very great virtues of this game to not fall prey to an undeserved and -almost- inevitable capsize. That's why we bring you this preview in an unusual way and at the same time be entertaining and enlightening.

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PS3-2473688d ago

I don't know if I'll be getting this game.

BigTwitchy3687d ago

Lol I disagreed just cause I could.

Christopher3687d ago

I'm a long time MMOer. My _only_ disappointment with this so far is that PS3 and PC users will not be able to play together.

realplayer823687d ago

Day 1 purchase for me....with this and gt5 will be set for a while o wait lbp2 also comes out in nov woot!!!!

ATLGAMER3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

but I dont like the monthly fee price......I want a 5-7 dollar price range

edit:44.95 annual fee I would get it then.....

edit2 : ohh yeah nevermind

Longsama3687d ago

they should give u like the first 2 or 3 months free just to lure n ppl who r not used to subscription based gaming

at the current price no one will even try it on console even those who were interested

10 bucks a month would definitely attract more ppl

TheDuke773687d ago

If It was Marvel, i'd be on it like stink on a monkey. But i dont follow DC, so its not something i'll likely pick up

Longsama3687d ago

well then buy it just to beat up DC characters and pretend ur a marvel character lol

punisher993687d ago

@TheDuke77: I feel the same as you. I wish it was Marvel. But I still want the game because you can create your own superhero or villain.

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