IGN: Mafia II Video Review

Mafia II is upon us and ushering in a new era of wise guys and made men. If you've been waiting for this one, there is good news – the game is fun. Having shootouts in bars while bottles explode and glass flies, finding a mob hacking your friend to death, and going to brothels are all great times. Still, those moments aren't the entire game, and the accompanying parts hurt the whole.

comp_ali5043d ago

IGN is pathetic, they give the game 7/10 on all formats , looks like they didn't hear of ps3 version inferior graphics or PC physx. they just copied the review and pasted it on all formats

Galaxia5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

IGN is probably the least credible site on the net. I can't believe people still defend that place.

There reviews are basically fueled by hype and how many hits they can get. And I hope we have all heard by now that IGN doesn't even finish playing the games they review. Imaging reviewing RDR without seeing the ending? In some cases IGN has only played the game for 5-10 minutes before reviewing it, remember Mikami's game, God Hand?

IGN are the filth of the gaming world. No review by them is to be trusted.

Edit: Whoops meant to reply to BorntoKill.

BornToKill5043d ago

most of the things they pointed out weren't about graphics.

comp_ali5043d ago

if you read nowgamer review for each foramt you will see what I mean, for IGN it is just copy and paste with no effort extorted to see the ups and downs for each one.

AndrewRyan5043d ago

IGN writes good reviews. That is why they are one of the top 3 sites people visit. If people thought they were not good they would not visit the site. Stop trying to protect Mafia 2 from 1 decent review. Just because you think it deserves a 9/10 or even 10/10 does not mean others think so aswell. If you like the game buy it, and if you don't like reviewers open up your own website where you review games, see how far that takes you. Fool.

shoddy5043d ago

claim it's the game of the year. Or best graphic on console like Rage and Crissis 2

sikbeta5043d ago

Come on dude, it's clear that there is more than graphics for the reason of why IGN take out points for this game, I know the PS3 version is inferior, but when the game doesn't deliver, you can do nothing...

STONEY45043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

"That is why they are one of the top 3 sites people visit."

No, it's because people are sheep and their name is everywhere now.
And they're stupid. Marking down points for no co-op. Halo 3 got a TEN in graphics, a big 10. Call of Duty 4 won their best graphics of e3 over Crysis, which honestly kills their credibility the most.

badz1495043d ago

I'm not pointing out this review or trying to justify anything regarding Mafia II but IGN gives high marks for popular and hyped games and that's a fact!

nix5042d ago

count me in badz... GTAIV, anyone?

Shepherd 2145042d ago

IGN didnt take the time to give it separate reviews because its obvious that although the game isnt horrible, it apparently is quite the let-down anyway you look at it.

Generic shooting mechanics, empty and lifeless world, stiff animations, etc. have nothing to do with sheer graphics.

IGN is quite credible, and one guy thought GTA 4 deserved a ten. I suppose MGS 4 actually deserved a ten then, because IGN gave it one the same year as GTA 4. Im sure most here will have no problem with MGS's score even though it can be argued that it comes close but doesnt deserve a ten.

badz1495042d ago

are they are always among the 1st 3 to come out for any game! this is kinda explaining the copy & paste for all formats!

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realplayer825043d ago

Maybe if you read the review the complaints arent about graphics but gameplay. The game is mediocre no way around it.

-Alpha5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

That's not his point-- he was stating that the reviews are all copy and paste, not that the game was any better. Perhaps there isn't much of a difference to warrant any significant deduction but I do agree with him that sites like IGN tend to overlook differences sometimes, especially between consoles. I haven't been following Mafia II all that much but I do know that the PS3 version was badly ported. Anyways, I tend to go by Metacritic, so if there really is a significant difference between the consoles/platforms we will know eventually.

realplayer825043d ago

The point is the reviewer had a problem with the mission structure and pace of the game which is the same for all versions.

mastiffchild5043d ago

Lets be honest, though, the shortcomings of the PS3 version aren't game breaking and wouldn't be more of an issue for me when choosing a version than everyday ones like controller preference. The devs AIMED for parity and missed by not optimising the PS3 version early enough or working the way that suits the platform best and even then there was minimal loss really. If the game wasn't going to be the best looking game on either console anyway are the looks the most important issue? I don't think so and it sounds as if there are much bigger iossues with the game as a whole from this.

Also, the unfairness of this doesn't compare with outlets like Edge or Teletext only giving the PS3 version of FF13 a bad score and totally ignoring the 360's weaker version does it? Is the better version of THAT game still holding the higher meta score? Does it stop anyone who bought the 360 version from enjoying it? Seriously, we get caught up in pointless debates about multis that are MEANT to look identical, nearly do and were never going to be the best looking games for the platforms they're on anyway. I'd much rather the game was judged generally like this if devs aren't going to make the very best game they can on every platform anyway.

If a port is noticeably awful(tOB for example) then, sure, make a point out of it but otherwise leave it for those who care on comparison sites because to me all it really proves is that some devs can't be bothered tailoring their work for the PS3 and that parity between the consoles is their cheif aim. Pointing out small shortcomings just seems like smalltalk to me-would you seriously go for the "better" version in the strength of this kind of thing even if you preferred the controller for the other version? A texture here, a dropped frame there(maybe only findable with a program)and the net goes wild even if they wouldn't see it with the naked eye, God help us.

T9X695043d ago


That is not the point he is trying to make. If a game comes out for PC, 360, and PS3, if a certain version of game has poor frame rate, or screen tearing etc. Why should the superior version(s) suffer by getting a score based on the worst version of the game. That would be like porting Starcraft 2 to consoles and giving the PC version, lets say a 7 because RTS games are not the greatest on consoles.

Double Toasted5043d ago

No...the PS3 version is Shite...mastiff.

-Alpha5043d ago


No one is denying that. But that is not the only aspect of the game that the review judges. Like mastiff said games like FF13 are proof of inferior versions sloppily getting a uniformed score for no other reason than seeming laziness.

turgore5042d ago

then why did it get 8.5 at gamespot and 9 at gameinformer ? face it IGN only gives good scores based on hype...GTA4 a 10. Oh please...that game was garbage.

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gamerzBEreal175043d ago

i thought graphics didn't make the game? lmao

5043d ago
jamesgtaiv5043d ago

When did we start listening to IGN? Their reviews are what's mediocre.

Playerz85042d ago

IGN reviews are not always mediocre. The review didn't really go into too much detail about the game, but the story is really all that's in the game, and I totally agree with the score. Just because you don't agree with a review doesn't mean it's a bad review.

DatNJDom815043d ago

stop crying. ff13 on xbox360 got the same score as the PS3 version.

meetajhu5043d ago

Looks like a score for console gamers! Can't wait for PC game review!!!

number475043d ago

FF13 was wayyyyy different than just Grass & textures. And no one said peep. It was like the early days of the PS3, when the PS3 version was vastly different and running 1fps.

Mafia is underwhelming on both consoles, and PC. pretend all you want that its not, or that having 1.5% less jaggies is better, but the games visuals aren't its strong point on consoles. Remember guys GRAPHICS DONT MATTER...

Removing that, concentrating on the gameplay, its the same mediocre game on all platforms. IGN picks and chooses its different reviews, much like most of the media, and for some reason it only gets a lower score when the PS3 version of a game runs 1.5% more jaggies.

2k is idiotic for slapping the PS3 owners in the face with this nonsense. I'm not buying it, and it only serves the game right that its an underwhelming title to begin with.

multips3fan5043d ago

very disappointed.this game was to be game of the year contender.il be renting it.

-PINNER-5043d ago

If it was developed by R* it would've gotten a 10.

Everything he described reminded me exactly of how I felt about GTA4.