inFamous 2 setting partly based on Atlanta

Ex: The comic-book inspired PS3 exclusive inFamous 2 moves from the New York City and Chicago-ish "Empire City" in the first game to the fictional city of New Morais which looks very much like New Orleans. However, the fictional setting wasn't just inspired by the Big Easy according to the developers.

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Tommykrem3691d ago

A New York clone would be cities like Liberty City in GTA. The only similarity Empire City from inFamous bares to New York is it's Island setting and the fact that NY is often refered to as the Empire State. Other than that, they are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide apart!

Queasy3691d ago

Probably better to call it a Chicago/New York-ish.

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Darkstorn3691d ago

Atlanta has the most urban sprawl of any city in the U.S. Hopefully they will not attempt to recreate Atlanta too readily.

ATLRoAcH3691d ago

Obviously I think this is pretty awesome. It's nice to see your city in a game. The only other game I can think of that had Atlanta in it was Grind Session for the PSOne. I like that they came to the south for this game. It's a refreshing setting compared to the 99% of free roam games that are based on a New York style city.

A Cupcake for Gabe3691d ago

It's got that Cajun Vibe, mostly on New Orleans though. It's not a clone. This isn't GTA where they blatantly recreate real cities.

Also bubbles for mentioning GRIND SESSION, that was my favorite skateboard game next to the first two Proskaters. Brought me back for a sec, thanks.

Gish3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Let's see if Cole makes it up to Vinings! (I will take buckhead too, as long as they recreate all the bars...)

CYCLEGAMER3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

You are missing a game, I remember like a year after I moved to Atlanta from L.A. one of the midnight club games had an Atlanta based level on it, I specifically remember driving the centennial olympic park.

Edit: ahh found it, it was Midnight Club 3: Dub edition.

Gish3691d ago

must have had to run over a lot of panhandlers to get through centennial...

TruEve3691d ago

That's pretty awesome :). I'm from Atlanta and can't remember a game ever being set or inspired by my city / state. I wonder what district of the A they were inspired by? Downtown, midtown?


Atlanta was in a Midnight Club? That sounds vaguely familiar lol.

ATLRoAcH3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I forgot about Midnight Club you're right. I thought there was one I was forgetting.

The article says it's likely that downtown Atlanta inspired a modern area in the game but it's the writers guess.

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triodepunch3691d ago

i rather have it based on no actual location, if it doesn't have any historical relevance, for me is just lack of imagination at the end

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