'Halo' Reaches Out With Biggest Campaign Yet

With Teasers, Live-Action Spots, Web Films, Pepsi Partnership, Can Microsoft Top Franchise's Past Success?

xaviertooth4851d ago ShowReplies(5)
TROLL EATER4850d ago

the only game needed till next gen

N4GAddict4850d ago

I'm sure it will lasts for quite a bit.

palaeomerus4850d ago

Nope. Fallout New Vegas sez hi.

N4GAddict4850d ago

Halo Reach is going to kick ass.

frostypants4850d ago

I don't even own the other Halos but I'll pick this one up.

Halo_Reach4850d ago

o Fable , No Kingdoms no Gears 3 ... Reach is the very best!

coolbeans4850d ago

I was wondering where my Alan Wake advertisements went. :'(

coolbeans4850d ago

lol.....that's what my first statement meant. :P

Dance4850d ago

crackdown and alan wake could have done better advertisement

Guy12345674850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

Crackdown and Alan Wake could have done better games :) Reach ftw

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6 Friendliest Characters in Games

GF365: "Oftentimes, video games have characters who are antagonistic and really not very pleasant. Here are some of the friendliest characters in games where you might not otherwise expect to find them."

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thorstein102d ago

Dogmeat: *bark!*

Translation: you are dead to me.


You can probably add Karlach to this from BG3


10 Best Lore-Rich Video Games

Talented writers can build worlds that are as wondrous as real-life. Here are the best lore-rich video games for you to get immersed in.

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shinoff2183338d ago

How'd fallout not make the list. Atleast over cyberpunk, tales , and halo. Fallout been around since what 96 98 and has 5 6 games into it. It's full of lore when you play it. I'd even add star ocean to a point.

robtion337d ago

Agree Fallout should be on there.

MadLad337d ago

And somehow Planescape Torment doesn't even make the list.

Crows90337d ago

Hollow knight surpasses these.

shinoff2183337d ago

In lore? I must be missing something

Crows90337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Yes in lore. Easily missed... absolutely. Never played a game that had me loving the world and lore behind it as much as that one. Most of course wouldn't be able to experience it since it is a more difficult game.

DarXyde337d ago

I can't speak for all titles on this list, but by the time you get to Dark Souls III, the lore is a bloody tapestry of intricacy

Crows90336d ago

Played them all. Im not saying the games on the list dont have good lore...I just think hollow knight had more lore that is hidden but present and more easily explored and accessed. The souls games have tremendous lore but theyre mostly hidden and stay that way unless you look for it and research it. The lore is not very accessible.

DarXyde336d ago


I think that's a somewhat fair assessment. For me, the Souls games are less upfront about the lore, but it does invite your fascination through NPCs, items, locations, bosses, etc. There's this kind of natural progression where the picture becomes just clear enough by doing the essential tasks, but it really makes you want to explore every inch of the world.

TheColbertinator337d ago

Suikoden and Legend of Heroes also have massive lore setups.