But which PlayStation game are Chelsea like?

Play-mag: "Chelsea manager makes comment about PlayStation when talking about football, we go wild and over-analyse it. Obviously."

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Senden4549d ago

Chelsea are just like fifa..just like EA, they thrown money at their problems and after subsequently doing it enough, they eventually reigned supreme. Hard for me to admit it being a man utd fan but Chelsea are a notch above everyone else in the premiership at the moment and probably just below barcelona in the world.

AusWarrior4549d ago

I have to agree, even though I'm a ManUtd fan as well. They are an amazing team to watch.

Shadow Flare4549d ago (Edited 4549d ago )

They spent a lot of money but they spent it wisely. Man utd have also spent big in the past but fergie was also wise with his spendings. I'm more interested to see how man city do this season. Because I'm not so sure if their spending was wise. They literally spent over 100 million, way more then they should have. But it doesn't guarantee them success. It's not just down to money. That's why Chelsea deserve some credit. Anyway, I'm an arsenal fan. I hope we do it this year

BYE4549d ago (Edited 4549d ago )

Not sure about Chelsea, they might do well in their country but I think they're not as good as Barcelona, Inter or Bayern at the moment.

ThatIrishGamer4549d ago

They won 6-0 and even then they were boring and dull. When United win 6-0 you have lovely passing moves, wingplay. . .god it's glorious to watch.

Chelsea on the other hand - eugh.

Infernostew4549d ago

Chelsea, wherever you may be. Don't leave your Mrs. with John Terry. Could be worse, he could be a scouse. Then he'd be shagging your wife and robbing your house.

Shadow Flare4549d ago

I like that song you man utd fans sing about ji sung park.

'Park, Park, wherever you may be
You eat dogs in your own country
It could be worse, you could be scouse
Eating rats in your council house'

And that's your own player! lol

MaximusPrime4549d ago

Chelsea will remain champion. Man U what happened to you? lol

Infernostew4548d ago

What happened? Between Chelsea's prem title in the 05/06 season and this past year in the 09/10 season Manchester United have.... Won the premier league 3 times, the champions league, fifa club world cup, 2 time carling cup winners, and 2 community shields (3 if you want to count this year). This is all within 3-4 seasons. Chelsea retain the title once in a 3 year span and everyone pretends like they're unstoppable.