.hack May Come to PlayStation 3

andriasang: "CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama responded to fan questions in a blog post that hit today, and one of the questions concerned a possible PlayStation 3 entry in the company's .hack franchise."

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Umbrella Corp4173d ago

"Do you mean a .hack sequel? Or do you mean the next original title to follow .hack? We're of course making new titles. PS3 titles too."-Hiroshi Matsuyama
This guy better bring .hack quick.

Nike4173d ago

Would love to see an updated HD version of the old .hack games, with some of the old bugs ironed out but even better would be a brand new game, bridging the gap between the various franchise properties like the original, Roots, etc.

A Cupcake for Gabe4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

All 4 .hacks/ from the PS2? That would be one long ass game. I think instead of remaking the FAKE ONLINE RPG, just make a new one with Real ONLINE connectivity. There can still be NPC emials and interactions, but let an online community grow.

EDIT: I am not knocking the series. I was just stating that .hack emulates an online world. Well now...they can have a real one since PSN is strong and well developed and back then it was just starting

ChronoJoe4173d ago

Actually they were all individually, very short. Typically under 20hours each. So putting them all together, makes one good length JRPG.

I think if they release another .HACK game, they should also release a .HACK HD collection, beforehand. I'd buy it.

WLPowell4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

I disagree, because there is more to the game than just it being a fake-MMO, it's an RPG and the setting is within an MMO. Unless the game is actually gonna let you hack the code, break the game with cheating, and put people in comas. Take that away and it's not .hack.

I'd like a new story myself, or a continuation of GU.

Neko_Mega4173d ago

Their is a online MMO of .Hack, problem is that it is only in Japan. It does take place in the first .Hack.

terrorofdeath4173d ago

Lets hope nobody gets into any "real" comas.

Redempteur4173d ago

i think you mean : in the first "the world"

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Lifewish4173d ago

i will gladly take a new .hack game on the PS3

MicroSony4Life4173d ago

came from some one who think you were talking about pirating a game.

noxeven4173d ago

I'd love a new dot hack game, hell id love an translation of .hack link too. hopefully one or more will occur sooner rather then later

Rybakov4173d ago

YES PLEASE either remake it in hd or just make it an mmo because its already there you just need to apply what you already have

Stealth20k4173d ago

I guess this finally puts the .hack link will get localized to rest....

and why would people be excited for this? Namco would never localize it at this point

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The story is too old to be commented.