These are the best games that you are going to play in the next 30 days

A list of the greatest games coming out between the hottest window of releases in Q3 2010! Check it out.

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HBogard3989d ago

It's gonna be awesome. I wish there were more games like this and Shadow Complex.

A Cupcake for Gabe3989d ago

I love side scrollers. Trine is another great one. TRINE 2 will be awesome as well.

blitz06233989d ago

That's a poorly written title. I expected Starcraft 2 there. That's the game I will be playing in the next 30 days.

Trey_4_life3988d ago

Umm can someone explain how halo reach made this list? since when did generic sub HD looking games make this list? How did this article not get marked for spam?

Chuk53988d ago

try the guardian of light.


Waaaaaaaaaaa waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa halo waaaaaaaaaa sub hd waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa i only care about graphics waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaa

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8thnightvolley3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

reach n shanks nuff said

Playerz83988d ago

I would say Halo Reach sucks, but my comment will be probably be reported, so I won't say anything.

Shoko3989d ago

Lol, who would disagree with this statement? I've never seen ANYONE diss a Metroid game before. I always thought it was a franchise every fabnoy respected, but I guess I was wrong.

spektical3988d ago

i think most gamers respect the metroid franchise.. its just that the game is a sidescroller, call me crazy but i dont think many people are thrilled about that.

I'm sure it'll be great and awesome, but its just not the game-type i enjoy playing. THe last and only sidescroller i played was Mario All-Star collection for SNES.

RockmanII73988d ago

People don't disagree with the comment, but the person who said the comment.

Army_of_Darkness3988d ago

You are crazy bro! Cause even in this 3D world, I still luv my side scrollers!

Takoulya3988d ago

I love the Metroid Franchise, but I was expecting more from a Next-Gen Metroid game. The Metroid Prime Games were amazing, but this isn't exactly my taste. I was appalled when I saw the gameplay trailer.

AAACE53988d ago

Lol... that picture is what I imagine when I think of what some of the fanboys here may look!

...and it's probably true!

avengers19783988d ago

Dead Rising 2, Can't wait to kill me some Zombies.

Or thousands of Zombies.

TheLastGuardian3988d ago

I agreed and I only have a ps3. I wish I had a wii because your right it does look great. I bet most of the people who disagreed with you don't have a wii and they're jealous.

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TheLastGuardian3988d ago

Why do all the great ps3 games have to all come out this November? Do they not think that will hurt sales to have them all in the same month like that?

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Dark Descent.

Survival Horror FTW.

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peeps3988d ago

didn't realise it was a Penumbra game. I've got Overture which is pretty good. infact might go play it now lol

Pandamobile3988d ago

HELL YES. I didn't know Amnesia was being released so soon.

Time to bust out the Novint Falcon again :D

DelbertGrady3988d ago

lol @ disagrees. Getting Reach and maybe Shank.

Kingdom Come3988d ago

Anyone would think someones Jealous...

Takoulya3988d ago

Halo Reach is going to be great. Only the most deluded of fanboys would think otherwise. I, myself, am a PS3 fan, and not really fond of the 360, but it doesn't matter. We're judging the game, not the platform it's played on.

n4gno3988d ago Show
Takoulya3988d ago

Why don't you give me a legitimate reason as to why Halo Reach will suck? Please, speak up. I think KZ3 will be much better than Reach and I think that KZ2 is one of the best shooters of all time, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate other games. God, fanboys from both sides are so deluded.

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