PSJailbreak Detectable and Bannable on PSN

While hackers are rejoicing that PS3 security has been penetrated, Sony has another ace up their sleeve. Apparently the use of PS Jailbreak can be detected by Sony, and they can take action against it.

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PirateThom4044d ago

The thing is already detectable out of the gate...

I predict massive ban waves pre-Gran Turismo 5. It will be glorious and well deserved.

Dramscus4044d ago

I hope all those scrubs get banned.
Buy your games don't be a thief.

This could be considered hypocritical as I dl music and movies.
However as I watch lots of movies in theaters and buy (really really) good films on bluray. Plus buy albums when I can. I feel I'm exempt.

fatstarr4044d ago

Most people do that so its not that bad.

LordStig4044d ago

Because radio stations play music so your getting that for free, and the cost of internet usage to download a new release movie would be about the same as renting a movie from blockbuster and you usually only watch a movie once porn being the exception :)

Dramscus4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Lol personally I only watch porn once and watch movies repeatedly.
Also yeah the internet usage thing is pretty spot on.

The main thing about downloading stuff on the cheap is I just wouldn't listen to as much new stuff otherwise. A lot of stuff being downloaded is just to test. A whole band, or a movie I've kind of heard of. Many I just delete after checking out briefly. Watching or listening to the first quarter or skipping through.

ZombieNinjaPanda4044d ago


A lot of people do that.

I know that I download albums and usually go out and buy the ones I really love and want to support.

Last few albums I bought were B.o.B's album. Van Atta High's album, Kid Cudi's album, As I Lay Dying, Taking Back Sunday, and I'm going out to buy The Devil Wears Prada's new EP in 2 days.

morganfell4044d ago

Bubbles Thom. I can't wait until these people get their PS3s locked out and then try to get their money from the sellers of Jailbreak...who will be lucky if they aren't in front of a judge by then themselves.

Eamon4044d ago

Hmm, apparently it's the backup manager program itself that is detectable.

Not specifically the USB Dongle. I wonder if the programmer was aware of that though. Or if it's possible to fix this.

turnerdc4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

It's kind of being a hypocrite to spew fire and brimstone about people who download games when you're downloading movies and albums. They're all copyrighted pieces of material and downloading them is illegal, whether it be a song, movie, or game. Sure you can say that you buy some of the albums and movies you like, but then is it alright for someone to download games and only buy the ones he likes? There is no difference, if you download an album, you're doing the same thing as someone downloading a game.

nveenio4044d ago

The only things I ever download are public broadcast television shows/productions. These are free and not part of a cable or satellite package. They're also (usually) freely available on the network's website to watch. I just download them so that I can stream to my PS3 and watch on the big screen.

When it comes to PS3, I think that people should support the awesome first party exclusives. The crappy multiplat ports might be another story, though. I don't think people should have to pay for crap. Games should be forced to be sold with a warranty: That they meet the specifications of the hardware for which they're designed.

Actually, that should be enforced by Sony.

sikbeta4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

lol how much time this sh!t last, less than [1] week?

ROFLMAO!!!! .... Muahahahahhahaha!!!

Poor dudes, well guys, maybe next time.... nah, they need to deal with this...

By the Time GT5 comes out, a New Mandatory FW Update will be released and the Ban-Hammer will do Justice....

Gamers FTW!!!

evrfighter4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Ban me. Tbh I don't care. It's good to be a pc gamer. Can't wait to get my hands on on of these.

Finally my ps3 doesn't feel like a waste of money. Sweet sweet victory

Scotland-The-Brave4044d ago

Didnt you used to be a total hardcore Ps3 supporter?

badz1494044d ago

WHAT? he never did! he is always the biggest 360 fanboys disguises as pc fans! he trolls every PS3 related article ever published! yeah, it's pretty easy to do THAT when you have 1 bubble to spend in each and every 1 of them!

SilentNegotiator4044d ago

Suck on that, hackers and pirates.
You fail again.

Enjoy using your $150 device as a paper-weight.

badz1494044d ago

actually the device is not even heavy enough to be a paper weight.

Bloodraid4044d ago

Although it's still piracy, music and movies are a bit different than games.

Movies - Most of the money comes from when it's in the theater, not from sales.

Music - Most of the money comes from concerts and little gigs that the band does, not selling albums.

Games, on the other hand have nothing like this. So it's completely different.

If a movie were released and not a single person purchased it, but everyone saw it in theaters, they'd still get the money from the theater.

If a game were released and not a single person purchased it, they get absolutely no money for it.

Denethor_II4044d ago

What ever helps you sleep at night;)

redsquad4044d ago

Good god, am I the only person who doesn't download ANYTHING illegal??? Films, music, games, tv...?
And PSN, please ban Evrfighter... It seems he WANTS to be banned and we want shut of him.

Tomdc4043d ago

downloading music and movies is no different in principle. Just as much stealing as pirating videogames I don't really know why your making such a distinction!

The argument you make that you support the bands and movies you want to can be made in just the same way as video games.

I don't pirate video games but I still see no distinction between pirating games as opposed to other form of media.

It's like saying it is fine to steal from Primark but not Burberry..

The Lazy One4043d ago

The double standard towards microsoft and sony pirates is hilarious in this b

likedamaster4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

"The thing is already detectable out of the gate...

I predict massive ban waves pre-Gran Turismo 5. It will be glorious and well deserved." (with 177 agrees)

This was NOT the same response we got with Xbox 360 pre-Modern Warfare 2 bans.

AAACE54043d ago

Well, when you mod, you pay the price... literally! Now people will have to go out and buy new consoles.

creatchee4043d ago

"This could be considered hypocritical as I dl music and movies.
However as I watch lots of movies in theaters and buy (really really) good films on bluray. Plus buy albums when I can. I feel I'm exempt.

This is quite possibly one of the worst justifications for breaking the law that I have ever heard and is a sad reminder of people's disregard for both piracy laws and laws in general. What if we used this same mentally to justify other crimes?

Here's some exciting examples!

It's not shoplifting because I've bought other shirts here
It's not murder because that person wasn't nice
It's not rape because the last girl that I had sex with said yes
It's not piracy because I've bought their last two albums... oh wait, you used that one already.

Do you see how asinine that logic is? Crime is crime. If you break the law, you break the law. There are extenuating circumstances in many cases, but just because you bought a few CDs or saw a couple movies DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD OTHERS! Don't try and justify or excuse it. Nobody is perfect and everybody does it or has done it, but to complain about somebody else's similar illegal activities when you are guilty as well is both hypocritical and reprehensible.

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NYPunkster4044d ago

No freeloaders allowed. Support the PS3 or GTFO.

Jerk1204044d ago Show
Narutone664044d ago

a sorry excuse for a human.


my 360 is banned and hacked, because after I bougth this sorry excuse of a console for the third time... I decided to hacked it. I spent more than $700 on the MS excuse of a console, so I had to reclaim my money. Also I dont know why I hacked, for the 3good exclusives it has its just not worthy.

Ohh I also had a second 360 who isnt hacked, so if I like a MS exclusive I support them. Also if a multiplatform is good enough I tend to buy it new. The hacked 360 is for the crap devs throw on us hoping that I spent $60 on it.

Piracy is bad but as Blade said in other article, buying used games and renting is just as bad as pirating.


zeeshan4044d ago

You know what? I guess SONY should pull an M$ before the release of GT5! My guess is that by now, Sony must have started making money on each PS3 sold. Wouldn't be a bad idea to let loose a big ugly fat banhammer and ban the accounts of hackers and make their PS3s the way that they can't go online! Hopefully, this will help them sell more PS3, make more money and perhaps some of the modders will learn a thing or two and only purchase original titles :D

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silvacrest4044d ago

sony should save the mass banning for GT5 release

shoddy4044d ago

Without KZ2, U3, GT5, too many to name is not worth hacking.
You will still play 2010 games when it's 2012.

Not to mention online service and community.

Redempteur4044d ago

i can't believe to imagine a game like white knight chronicle without online , no geonet or georama ..and 60% of the quest uber hard because you're alone.

or when they'll finish killzone 2 and be unable to play KZ3 ...

or LBP1 but you can't share your created levels ....
@to everyone
So go and jailbreak your console !! if you do , i don't need you on my friend list .. ROFL

Ult iMate4044d ago

And also a Demon's Souls. Online is a big part of it.
Uncharted 2 has a multiplayer campaign for 3 players.
Resident Evil 5...
Most of sports games, like PES or NHL and such...
I didn't even think, how many games are using online this gen. ))) .

JsonHenry4044d ago

I don't think the pirates care about that. They just won't connect to PSN and play all the single player games. At least that is what they do on the 360 if I remember correctly because it is the same way.

jack_burt0n4044d ago

its different on the ps3 if you dont update ur firmware you wont be able to watch the latest blurays etc

it really is pretty pointless to hack it you can already use any harddrive you can already watch pirated movies and the best games are 25gb + so it will just take up alot of space the biggest ps3 hdd you can use internally is 640gb so its not practical at all even if you are a pirate.

ChronoJoe4044d ago

Actually the 360 hacks were orchestrated before awareness that they would be banned, from the XBLA service. Most of the hackers, believed they would be able to continue accessing XBLA, whilst running a hacked console - and were pretty disgruntled when they were no longer able to use the service.

4044d ago
ChronoJoe4044d ago

Seems doubtful bigwheel. Since the new games need the firmware updates to run. It's not as if the firmware updates are there for there own sake, the game can't run on previous firmware versions because that is the firmware it was built on.

For example a game with trophy support requires firmware post 2.0, if the firmware update were circumvented it simply wouldn't be comparable with the firmware the hacker, was running.

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tdogg060519914044d ago

they are using the 50gb on bd so with only like a couple games your hdd will be full, Go out and keep buying those hard drives. On top of that no PSN fuck that.

infekt4044d ago

Not having PSN is a big blow. Whats the fucking point?!

fireplace4044d ago

You mean couple of GT5? Why would i dump this game more than once. PS3 games are under 10GB, even 8. Thats not a problem.

J-Smith4044d ago

i can understand trying to 'Jailbreak' if you have a xbox360 in your cell LoL

Shikoro4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )


jneul4044d ago

funniest comment I have read in a while

jack_burt0n4044d ago

n4g looks like someone took a big shite on it.,...

What happened to new games and great announcements of last week it now looks like a x360 site.

bjornbear4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I want every idiot that gets a PS3 for the jailbreak to get banned, thus causing him/her/it to waste 299dollars/euros

also hope all those PS3 burn, causing their house to burn down, causing them to become homeless, live in the streets, become junkies and eventually kill themselves in a manic depression =D!!!


oh and I hope all the above applied to all the people repeatedly approving this "news". ^~^

psst...btw imjoking, i don't want any harm to come to anyone.

madpuppy4044d ago

most of them have a full price shelf life of about 2 months or less, If you cannot wait to get/play the game you want for around 35.00 you might need to stop playing games and go see a mental health expert.

I am in bad financial straights right now so I usually wait to get a game when it is either on sale or the permanent price has dropped. heck, I even do
e-rewards surveys on my spare time to get $25.00 gift cards every few months to Gamestop toward games and accessories.

the Only way I could see this jailbreak being useful is for people that use the PS3 as a Linux box. one day, down the line I would like to retire one of my PS3's (after the release of the PS4) as a gaming machine and use it as a Linux box.

MmaFanQc4044d ago see a bunch of hackers whining and crying about their bricked and banned ps3 in the near future.

ive hacked my psp, my nds, my wii and my 360, but i wont hack my ps3 since its now my main console and wont risk to fuck up my psn account and will still buy my ps3 exclusives since the devs diserve my money.

kingdavid4044d ago

And the 360, wii nds devs dont deserve your money? Oh, its all okay though because they arent your "main console".


MmaFanQc4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

pretty much, even if i dont buy mario galaxy 2 or gears of war 2, over 9000 milions of peoples will buy it anyway....

Imaginary friend.

Silly gameAr4044d ago

"ive hacked my psp, my nds, my wii and my 360, but i wont hack my ps3 since its now my main console and wont risk to fuck up my psn account and will still buy my ps3 exclusives since the devs diserve my money."

Might as well hack your PS3 and take even more money from the industry...

Skizelli4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Not sure why everyone's getting all excited. Xbox 360 bans modders, which is why they usually don't play while connected to LIVE (if they're smart), so this news isn't all that surprising. It's just plain common sense. It's not a sure way to prevent those with a lack of an online presence from using it, either.

Also, I like how some people think pirating movies and music is perfectly okay, while pirating games is not. If you pirate movies and/or music, you really shouldn't be talking about those who pirate games. That makes you a hypocrite.

DirtyLary4044d ago

Lets hope. People don't you understand you are ruining gaming for us all buy buying this crap. Support the devs, not a pirate.

avengers19784044d ago

Of course it is they can track everything you do on your console, See MS bannings... they don't randomly ban people they ban people that have problems. So I hope they don't ban them just track them down and through them in jail.

Noble Spartan4043d ago

Let wait for cheaper models to come out and soon perhaps a free way to do it. This is going to unleash the potentail of the PS3!

Dark Side! Just like the PSP.

Emulators ( PS1, SNES GENESIS , DREAMCAST , N64 and so on! )
PS3 Games!

Can't wait for it to develop more then can buy a big exteranl hardrive then back up games and download .

e-p-ayeaH4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

yeah im thinking the same but im buying another PS3 just for that.

JoelR4037d ago

hmm barely anyone took advantage of the ability to do your "homebrew" applications when the PS3 could have another os... why would they do so now?
The only real purpose of a hack like this is to run pirated games. Try to argue otherwise and I will show you the stats that showed people barely used the Linux option when it was presented for them...

MicroSony4Life4043d ago

Some comment below say that in order to play certain games you need to install some firmware - is this true and what if you dont have internet in the country you live in?

twoface4043d ago

Which country doesn't have internet?

MicroSony4Life4043d ago

Getting internet in the country side can be hard - and yes country people have the right to play KZ2 and GOW3.

Scary694043d ago

I want to know why is it A-holes like these cannot be arrested, I think laws need to be enforce and people who attempt to pirate and misuse a system like hackers need be to arrested given a big fine in where they will never want to hack or attempt to hack a system again. I also think these hackers need to register just like sex offenders register. I hope all those who attempt to use this would need to re-purchase a new PS3 which would mean more money for Sony.

Skizelli4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

It's people like you that don't think about the long-term effects and consequences, causing even more problems for future generations. This form of punishment is proving to be ineffective in this day and age. Not only are prisons reaching maximum capacity in the US, but taxpayers are paying for it. The whole concept of prison has been watered down over the centuries; a far cry from being thrown in a dark dungeon, being fed nothing but bread and water. And why should they have to register like sex offenders? They'll already be a felon with a criminal record, making it hard to get a job once they're released. And what do you think happens then? Yep, they usually go back to what they know best. Crime.

sinclaircrown4043d ago

I have to laugh at the people on here who think downloading movies or music is ok, but not games.

You can all spin it how you like.

"shouldn't have to pay for crap"

Yeah, if you want it you do! Next time I take dump, if you want it before I flush it, you'll have to pay me. Yup, its only crap, but its my crap.

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4044d ago Replies(4)
Dramscus4044d ago

I own one. Planning to get another. Buy all my games and will continue to do so.

Used to pirate on psp but after a while I realised it wasn't worth it. Sold my psp 2000 and going to get a go soon.

jerethdagryphon4044d ago

just got my ps3 replaced... saddly some of my saves were locked.

am i interested ikn this no do i wish there was a legal sony approved way to avoid crossing my room hunting for a disk and walking all the way back to play yes .

would i pirate a game no.

now if you excuse me i have a dinosaur game to play

MaximusPrime4044d ago

If true, it looks like sony following microsoft on crack-down on modded consoles. A year ago, Microsoft made all modded console banned from xbox live.

DaBadGuy4044d ago

Because people don't believe the facts. Facts on here are like the Holocaust, most believe it happened, but some people are fucking idiots. And I see the disagrees continue. boggles the's like having a question answered no one asked. "Hey I just got Mass Effect 2." "I Disagree." "What the fuck, yeah I did, it's right here." "I disagree, too." "Where the fuck did you come from and who are you?" "I disagree." "AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!"

sikbeta4044d ago

This is when you have to give credit to MS for dealing with pirates, the ban-waves work and screw those douches pirates, so, prepare yourselves lame-ass douches, if you want to pirate the PS3, the ban-hammer + Mandatory FW Updates will do Justice...