Valve comes up with another awesome weapon!

Rightly dubbed the Black Hole Grenade.

See for yourself!

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specialguest4509d ago

cool creative weapon. it remind me of one of the spells of FF6 though.

The_Firestarter4509d ago

...and even though my computer will "crash," it didn't! :P I used it several times on the Combine. Unfortunatly, there was a problem, my computer didn't crash on me, but when I used the black hole grenade it killed Alyx, unlike in the video even though she was right next to it in the video. When I did it, she was a completely different room! WTF? w/e

DJ4509d ago

Insomniac invented this weapon years ago, except their version collects items, grows bigger as more enemies get sucked in, and multiple black holes can merge with each other. Doesn't seem like anything revolutionary.

Fraggerock4509d ago

wow that weapon is awesome. I bet its in episode 2