Five greatest sports video games by Sports illustrated

For many of us, tomorrow is a day of spectacular importance. Not because it's a Tuesday, not because it will mean August is nearly halfway past, but rather because it's National Madden Day. It's the one day each year when pretty much everyone into gaming, from the casual to the hardcore, descend upon their local electronics store to buy the latest iteration of Madden.

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s8anicslayer5652d ago

i love football, but how come gamestop is reopening at midnight for the madden launch? what's the big deal for a franchise that has gone sour?

Genki5652d ago

Because it's a classic case of people believing something once they've been told enough times. What does EA say E-V-E-R-Y year? Something along the lines of this years game fixes what was wrong with last year, it will be the best one yet, we've got a bunch of great new features(read:GIMMICKS), etc. etc.

People get reeled in...year after year, and it amazes me, even though there are examples of it all through our society and history, It will never cease to amaze me how idiots can hold such sway over LEGIONS of others.

FadeToBlack5652d ago

All I could do is laugh when i read that Madden was #1

texism5652d ago

another top something list

CadDad5652d ago

5. RBI Baseball (NES)
4. Pebble Beach Golf Links (Sega Saturn)
3. Wii Sports (It's fun, what can I say)
2. NFL 2K (Dreamcast)
1. World Series Baseball 2K-2K3

An Eclectic mix, but fun for me!


Retro-Virus5652d ago

Fifa @ number 4. That pile of turd @ no 4 ??

Pro Evolution Soccer is the greatest sports game of all time and that's a fact duh !

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The story is too old to be commented.