Eidos: We need more 'Lara's

The Eidos executive thinks that the games industry needs more iconic characters to compete with movies, TV, and comics:

Industry veteran Ian Livingstone thinks that game developers need more character. The Eidos product acquisition director, speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2007, told the audience that characters were extremely important not just in games, but also as intellectual properties that can then be used in other products.

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MK_Red4853d ago

Well, I have all the Laras I need and there are more than enough in that picture.

Caxtus7504853d ago

I do se what they mean. Where as we could say Agent 47, lara and Sam Fisher they have sort of died down with the exceptions of people like Solid Snake and Master Chief.

Having played Stranglehold Demo, what was with the horrible voice acting and cheesy dialouge?

Great fun game, but lacking in characters that could be "cool". Kratos is another character who i now see as iconic but more games should have stronger leads....who cares about Tequila???

MK_Red4853d ago

Good point. We definitly need more Snakes, Master Chiefs and Marios.

The funny thing is that the biggest icons of out time are exclusives, Snake is Sony's, MC is MS' and Mario is big N's.

hella whip4853d ago

I agree. As long as the game is as good as it sounds she will no doubt become big, but doubt any videogame charachter will become bigger than Lara was for a while yet.

MK_Red4853d ago

Good one. Nariko's more than more Laras. She has deep story and great background, is much more detailed and realistic looking and has been called Goddess Of War... I love her as well as Kai.

MK_Red4853d ago

AWESOME. Big Daddy rocks!
I love BioShock and if Big Daddy with huge real life models and action figures is already famous. Hope BioShock sells really good (more than 5 million but unlikely in reality) and Big Daddy AND Little Sisters get the attention and fame they deserve.

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The story is too old to be commented.