Killzone 3 co-operative hinted at GamesCom

The guys at PSNow! have spotted a possible hint at 2-player co-operative mode for Killzone 3 over at GamesCom 2010. There have been rumors of an offline co-op mode in the works, but Sony hasn't confirmed any details regarding the matter.

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Tony-A3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Hmmm, maybe. I hope so, though. Military shooters happen to work well with a friend.

talltony3347d ago

They listened to their fans about everything else so coop is a given.

ChronoJoe3347d ago

On what authority can you confirm rumour of this nature? lol

talltony3346d ago

Other than the fact that it has been pretty much leaked. It is obvious because that was one of the most wanted features of killzone 2. Guerrilla game are no dummies. Their will be coop.

otherZinc3347d ago

SONY wants exclusives to look as good as possible.

Killzone 3 would look ordinary if it had co-op as found in games like Halo or Gears.

Campaign co-op is impossible, however, the easy sucker route is side mission co-op. Yep, it will have side mission co-op in a linear form like COD:MW2.

Hideo_Kojima3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

or an awesome side mission co-op like the awesome form in Resistance 2?
also killzone 3 in 3d renders 2 images... just like split screen would do.

talltony3346d ago

IF its online they can keep the same graphical fidelity. The mp in kz2 looked just as good as the single player with no step down in graphics whatsoever. In local splitscreen I doubt but I wouldnt say its impossible.

iamnsuperman3347d ago

the return of the split-screen..... definitely a much more social way to play games...I hope this is true I remember playing split-screen Killzone 1 and loving it


They are returning some aspects from Killzone 1.

Probably will have Coop too.

RememberThe3573347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Co-op is a must have in Killzone 3. It was a must have in Killzone 2 so I'm not getting my hopes up, but I think they need to make this happen. It better have online co-op too...

chidori6663347d ago

i want splitscreen GG danmit.

sjaakiejj3347d ago

then Killzone 3 will be another day 1 for me. Otherwise I might wait a bit. Thrills of being a Computer Science student!

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The story is too old to be commented.