RoG: Rage Gameplay Leaked world exclusive video

An exclusive video shown directly from Koln GamesCom.

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DanyBrown4789d ago

agreed i just can't seem to watch bad quality videos like that which is a shame because i am still curious about this game

DecoyOctopus4789d ago

this is the same gampelay the showed during e3 there's HD videos of it on Gametrailers

heroprotagonist4789d ago

Actually it isn't the same footage. It starts off the same and I think that made everybody think it was just going to be the same footage, but the second part of the footage shows them going out into the wasteland in some decaying, destroyed city. It looks amazing.

Even though it is really crappy quality this footage has got me more excited for the game than anything else I have seen. The gameplay looks really good and graphics are simply drool-worthy.

spacetattoo4789d ago

Love ID and when are they going to make a new doom.
This game looks awsome.

LightofDarkness4789d ago

Doom 4 is coming next year, apparently they're quite far along into development.

And yes, this video is of horrible quality, you'd best go to gametrailers as this exact gameplay segment had been shown in lovely HD at E3.

ABizzel14789d ago

Bad video, but amazing footage.

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Tenalp4790d ago

true, but better then nothing..

clank5434789d ago

Pretty excited for this game, but I almost wish it wasn't an fps. What is this, the 200th post apocalyptic fps in the last 4 years? I think more of a third person view would allow for a bigger graphical view.

despair4789d ago

its ID sofware they do FPS, hell they invented the FPS.

SOAD4789d ago

They didn't really invent it. They just made the first great FPS.

ShadowRyuX4788d ago

Maze War is credited as the first FPS, but it was a very barbaric and rudimentary FPS. However, id software created the first "mainstream" FPS with Wolfenstein 3D and later, Doom. Wolfenstein 3D was also the inspiration of many FPS games to follow it which used many of the same elements. So they pretty much just popularized the genre.

St04789d ago

They showed that level on gamespots on the spot show months ago

Prcko4789d ago

gonna pass,no chance that i gonna buy any multiplatform game 2010,and 2011 sony is on killing streak with games.
i just don't know where will i collect all that money for exclusives

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SaberEdge4789d ago

That's just weird to me. What if some of the multiplatform games are better than some of the exclusives? Are you just going to buy the exclusives because they are exclusive?

There are definitely some exclusives on my list, but there are also a lot of multiplatform games like Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Rage, Castlevania and Enslaved.

MisterNiwa4789d ago

I agree, hypocrisy at it's finest.

Just because the First Party Line Up is damn good, doesn't mean that multiplatform titles can't be better or as good.
There are Multi Platform Titles I'd gladly exchange with some Sony First Party Exclusives.

Or better, I just buy both, Third and First Party Games.

karl4789d ago

i mostly agree... but the only, well known awesome franchise is dead space.... we all know its going to rock.
but, what about rage? we only say its awesome cuz its graphics.. same for crysis.....
so really... for me.. its only exclusives... except for Mafia 2 and Dead space 2...
thats like the only 2 multiplat games that i will be buying...
oh.. i was forgeting portal 2...

doshey4789d ago

dead space 2 is about the only multiplatform game ill get, maybe portal. i sick of buying games that are crappy ports, i want quality games, paying 60 bucks is a lot for games especially in this economy(thxs obama for fixing it) aint something i doing for a port that is crappy, i know dead space will be good, rage how do i know that, games been in development for a while and there seems like there more concentrated on graphics. There are good multiplatform games to buy, you cant blow them off completely there will always be games worth buying that aint only exclusive

Newtype4789d ago

dude, you can just pirate a PC copy. People usually do that before they buy it.

rumplstilts4789d ago

What about that Mass Effect 2 you Sony fans were so excited about?

AK464789d ago

Not to excited about it, but definitely picking it up

karl4789d ago

dude.. there are never the same fanboys...
the ones that said they wanted mass effect.. are not here right now

although they will buy it... we are not them
each one to its own =)

beavis4play4789d ago

i'll be buying it for sure - ever since i read about the storyline, i was hooked!(the other 360 game i'd like to have on ps3 is L4D - from videos it looks like fast-paced zombie killing!)

i was super-excited for rage before E3........now i'm kind of on the fence. i thought the footage shown at E3 (and this vid) showed a great graphical look but not much else. it's still got over a year before release; so, i'm really not wanting to reserve judgement till it gets closer to launch.

i was really excited for mafia2, but after playing the demo, i think i'll hold off for a price drop. the demo seemed kind of vanilla.

then there's batman: AC - a definite buy since i still enjoy playing batman:AA.

bilbobob4789d ago

that Metal gear game you 360 fanboys wanted.

Wow see what I did there!

noporcru6234788d ago

one guy says he wants exclusives of sony and that means every fan of sony jus want exclusives? idk whats in your brain but i was very excited about mass effect 2 coming to multiplat and i mostly jus love wii and ps3 so idk where your getting at

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Roozium4789d ago

You take fanboy-ism to a new level.

Darkfiber4789d ago

Then you, my good sir (note the sarcasm) are a moron. I can't stand these Sony fanboys "there's no way I'll buy a game that isn't a Sony exclusive, heaven forbid another developer in the world could even come close to making anything as good as a Sony exclusive omg!" Oh well, more games for the ones mature enough to not give a fuck who makes a game and is able to enjoy it for what it is and not for what publisher name is slapped on the box. Idiot.

milohighclub4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

their only saying it because the ports are shit because the devs are 2 lazy to do it properly, it just ruins the experience, mature enough to not give a shit? but not as mature as to refrain from posting faggy comments.

thought of the day, the things we hate about others are usually the things we hate most in ourselves. peace.

OneShotThrill4789d ago

Im tired of people here actually LABELING fanboys. Sony fanboy this MS fanboy that. Theyre all full of suck...and you... youre just trying to make it seem like your not a fanboy yourself otherwise you would be tired of ALL the children here at n4g..NOT just the Sony ones.