GS: Retrospective Review - Resistance: Fall of Man

GameSector: Back in 2006 the PS3 was launched and with it came one of the best launch titles any platform has ever received. Fall of Man was not only a Critical but also a Commercial success becoming the first PS3 game to sell over 1 million units.

Some may ask “Why such an odd time for a review?” It just so happens that we find this the perfect time. With Resistance 3 finally announced, it only seemed obvious to take a look back at the franchise and see what was wrong, what was great, and what made this one of the PS’s best IP’s.

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farhsa20083071d ago

My favourite playstation 3 game ever, I can never get tired of this unique game.

aceofspades3071d ago

bump it up 0.2 ponits more and it be a 9.

and didn't resistance 2 score 9.5 from ign?

SeanRL3071d ago

Ya, I really had fun with resistance 1 but just couldn't get into resistance 2.

WhatARump3071d ago

screw ign
Resistance 1 was beast <3

ReservoirDog3163071d ago

1 was better than 2.

You really gotta give it to insomniac; in a time where the PS3 had no* games and was being shredded to pieces by the media, everyone was playing Resistance and it kept the PS3 alive in those first hard months. Gotta love Insomniac huh?

Hmm, I think I'll replay 1 if I get the chance. Gotta replay MGS4 (almost done replaying MGS3). If I have a window of time, I'm gonna replay my first PS3 game.

SilentNegotiator3071d ago

I was just playing a few hours ago. Great game.
I hope the third sort of combines the first and second; First's many ground infantry battles, second's scale, first's vehicle sections, second's multiplayer, etc.

dragunrising3071d ago

I definitely liked 1 more than 2. The first was more edgy and dare I say...epic. The color palette was more dark and foreboding and the story a little more cohesive. I said it before and I'll say it again, r2 didn't live up to expectations. They threw away aspects of the first they should have kept in. The multiplayer of r2 was pretty good though.

morganfell3071d ago

The story in 2 was fine but some of the design issues in the levels kept it from being on par or above FoM. There were several times where it felt as if they were just running enemies at you for no reason. Really, 3 Chameleons in that swamp makes sense? Too many obvious trigger points and bullet sponge enemies. Massive difficulty spikes.

But others here are right. Retribution is a great sequel and playing it with the DS3 on the big screen makes it quite a game.

King_many_layers3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

personaly i think that both were really good games, i do agree with many in here about the first being better for the single player. i feel that in the first they really tried to keep you involved in the story of the attack on britain in relation to their invasion, which gave the game this really dark tone and no matter how well you did they still kept spreading.
wheras with the second's aproach to telling nathan's story it just wasn't as successful, the changed colour pallette at times worked and at other's didn't. san fran' when you go out the first time was amazing imo. also, i felt that with this story it just threw you into new locales and never really personalised any of the characters.
i'm playing throughh it all again now and the intel makes a big difference to how you feel in the story, which makes me wonder why we never got to see anybody's personalities or heard about fAmilies' nobody broke down and hale never let his feelings out despite being at deaths door. overall i still enjoy it though I think they grounded the weapons much more in the second

Tachyon_Nova3071d ago

I thought R1 had a better campaign than R2, but vis versa for the MP.

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GrandTheftZamboni3071d ago

In case you haven't played it, you should try Resistance Retribution on PSP. It feels like a real sequel to FoM.

dosgrtr3071d ago

most definitely correct my friend

meetajhu3071d ago

One of the best FPS debut this generation!

GameSectorNet3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

It’s the first of a three-part series of “Retrospective Reviews” which are planned for the series.

Resistance 2 is next up, followed by Retribution.

happyface3071d ago

Halo > Resistance

just my opinion

SilentNegotiator3071d ago

Good for you.

Click - Off Topic.

aceofspades3071d ago

halo is overrated. its just like unreal tournament. i swear.

3071d ago
Kingdom Come3071d ago

I wouldn't go round saying that on a PS3 Article, unless you want to end up with one Bubb...Oh, Wait.

bustamove3071d ago

You're trolling. My opinion.

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Neko_Mega3071d ago

I like both, the only thing 2 had over 1 is that two players on one system can get online to play some of the online games and the online Co-op mode was cool to.

Other then that, they both were great games.

Heck I just rebrought the first one and got a copy for my friend to, now I just got to rebuy the 2nd one.

alphakennybody3071d ago

Atmosphere, storytelling and weapons(Weapon wheel!) goes to the first one but MP- co-op goes to the second one. I have full confidence in IG that they will bring the best of both games into R3, that teaser they showed at gamescon was just perfect! Drenching with great atmosphere.

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