Leaked CoD:Black Ops Gamescom Footage Analysis

With everyone expecting CoD: Black Ops to blow all other shooters away this coming November there's a lot of pressure on TreyArch to do well. With the hype generated by the announcement of a new "zombie-like" mode present in Black Ops, Black Ops is sure to hit big. Although Black Ops is sure to be a number one seller this coming November, many gamers are wondering if it's going to be any good. Taking a look at the Black Ops Gamescom leaked footage, it's now possible to see what Black Ops has to offer.

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getonmylev3l3692d ago

Video is no longer available. Move on, nothing that is news here.

Soldierone3692d ago

Activision gets more and more annoying by the day....

And based off the gameplay its your standard Treyarch COD game. Ambush after ambush to keep things "intense" mixed in with the "mind blowing" snow level we already saw in Modern Warfare 2. In otherwords im not being impressed, even with Activision holding everything back, maybe thats why they are doing it? Meanwhile EA is proud to show off their game and is doing it every chance they can....

Morale of this post : I cant wait for Infinity Ward to make the true next Call of Duty, meanwhile ill be happy with Medal of Honor.

getonmylev3l3692d ago

You are entitled to your opinion, but in my own opinion I think the next "infinity ward cod" (Infinity ward is 50% gone) will be trash. So far I'm liking what Treyarch has done with the engine with the new lighting and the use of texture streaming.

In all reality this will be the last "sane" CoD, with rumors of subscription, MMO CoD and making CoD into a whole other genre I think this is CoD's last hoorah.

I hope Medal of Honor is good, but the beta was just boring, I did not enjoy it at all. But that's just my opinion.

noporcru6233692d ago

infinity ward isnt making th next cod sledgehammer is so itl be different no necesssarily trash, i think treyarchs cod will be trash

getonmylev3l3692d ago

I know that and I never said they were making the next one. I just said the next "infinity ward cod" meaning the next one produced by IW not the next cod in the series. And the Sledgehammer CoD will be the one that changes genres as i mentioned in my post.

KyRo3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

If anything your so called next 'true' COD by IW will be even more effed than than MW2 with all the staff that have left.

Treyarch are bringing back at least some bit of skill that MW2 took away for all the casual noobs. Recoil is returning, killstreak reward kills no longer go towards your next killstreak reward, there's no game ending nuke, no Commando and no One Man Army.

It's already sounding better than MW2.

xAlmostPro3692d ago

you seen that in mw2 really? just because it HAS snow its the same?.. because i dont remember absailing down a rock and through a window in mw2 at all.. hmm..

and ambush after ambush?.. because i havent seen ONE ambush in any of the footage or screenshots so far..

and i doubt they'll even be another COD by infinity ward, and if there was i dont trust them after mw2.. but yeah they were in talks of leaving activision once theyre contract ran out in october..(also why guys were fired) so they'll probably quit and join respawn

frostypants3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

The return of recoil is what I'm excited about. Hopefully, no more laser-accuracy when spraying with full-auto. It basically made semi-auto assault rifles worthless. Even in MW, a person could put up good numbers with a semi-automatic assault rifle, since they'd have better accuracy and power. In MW2, a semi-auto assault rifle (i.e. the FAL) is a death sentence to whoever uses it, outside of Hardcore at least.

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frostypants3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Yet another trash article that gives us no new information and could have been written based on what the author read elsewhere. And to add insult, it's written at a 5th grade level.

Come on N4G, this is getting stupid.

MysticStrummer3692d ago

Ha. The writer seems to have expected this game to offer something new to the shooter genre. Dream on. The shooter genre won't change much as long as the masses line up to buy mindless games, which they will... again.

maverick11913692d ago

developers know FPS is where you get the money from so why not make more?

After all they are a business they need money to survive

Close_Second3692d ago

...the game had better be the king of all FPS games!

Did not enjoy MW2 so will be renting this one at the most.

NYPunkster3692d ago

I'm gonna hold off and see what friends and the community have to say about it before I buy.

Nihilism3692d ago


I thought we got screwed for game prices in AUS...

Try online shops...

I just checked ( check the .nz site if there is one ) $99aus for the console version...$79 for the PC version.

akaFullMetal3692d ago

Based on previous games made by treyarch, then at best it might be ok.

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