Gears Of War 'mocked' by Space Marine

THQ's Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine deliberately 'mocks' Gears Of War's cover system - as its hulking great heroes don't need to hide behind wimpy walls.

That's according to THQ core games boss Danny Bilson - whom you may recall promised earlier this year that Space Marine would be a Gears 'killer'.

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Dance2981d ago

you take that back what you about marcus dad

The real killer2981d ago

You are pitiful kid.

Those agree's you have are also by kids and they love kis your arse.
Man, do you always type childish like this?

lowcarb2981d ago

12 agrees for insulting someone that likes 360 is the norm around here. School starts soon and I'm guessing the fanboy brigade will die down by the numbers.

cougarlane372981d ago

its a good thing that game get shits on by gears, otherwise, people'd actually care.

Arnon2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Dude, what? Space Marine looks fantastic, especially to someone who's a fan of the 40k universe. I especially like the fact that their reasons for not using a cover system actually make sense. You're a 7ft, 1000lb death machine that fights solely to die for the emperor.

Umb2981d ago

The Emperor's chosen.
Humanity's finest.

Only in death does duty ends.

For the Emperor!

Hazmat132981d ago

how can change a cover system! all are the same U2, GOW, AOT! thats like sayin all FPS are copying DOOM.

EXID2981d ago

you've obviously misread the article. you don't take cover in the space marine game, you break through it when your enemies are using it. the whole point of the article was to point out that it mocks gears of war by having you destroy your enemy's cover while you never have to use it yourself.

Hazmat132981d ago

im just sayin all together all fanboy fights with cover system ya know? all games today are becoming a copy of one another sooner or later games will just be a copy because of shortage of new ideas like movies today are becoming remakes im sorry for being a little off subject on both my respawns. odds are im being too foolish. i;ll just shut up now. lol

LOLconsoles2981d ago

It's a good thing Gears isn't even a good franchise anyway otherwise people would actually care.

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The story is too old to be commented.