Gran Turismo 5 Approaching, GT6 On the Horizon?

At GamesCom 2010, Gran Turismo 5 got a confirmed release date of November 3rd for Europe. Racing fans will have to wait a bit longer to get behind the wheel of the 1000 or so cars planned for GT5. And while the wait is nothing new for those looking forward to GT5, the time should pass a little easier with the bountiful supply of GT5 related media that has been released over the past week. Five videos of gameplay footage from GamesCom, along with a bunch of screens, are available past the jump.

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Playerz82984d ago

Gran Turismo 6 looks awesome.

Nike2984d ago

Don't you mean Gran Turismo 5? :|

InfectedDK2984d ago

I think we'll see Gran Turismo 6 a year after Gran Turismo 5..
And that is not bad! ;)

nix2984d ago

you know what all these great looking PS3 games remind me of?


Playerz82984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

@ Nike- No, I don't.

And just to let you know, GTA V looks even better.

nickjkl2984d ago

im sorry to tell you this but youre not seeing gran turismo 6 for another 5 years with a prologue after two and a half years which sounds like a great schedule by the time gran turismo 6 comes out it will have tons of features properly implemented

give or take some time depending if they use the same engine or make a neq one

GVON2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

They don't need a new engine,the engine has been designed to take advantage of future hardware.This is one reason it's taken so long.Here's an example of how it's able to run across 4 ps3's.


This demo was run at 3840×2160 and we've seen how good it look in those res levels (only 1,600 × 900)

Kaz has already mentioned the next step is real time ray tracing,add advanced lighting,post effects,higher quality textures,more physics parameters,more cars on track,better weather,smoke effects,full MLAA and use the full lod models they've built during gameplay.

All that stuff could be done now with more power from the system.
They might redo certain aspects,and they will be updating as the go along.But it shouldn't need another full rebuild for a while.

sikbeta2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

2 GT Games per Generation

GT1 + GT2 = PlayStation
GT3 + GT4 = PlayStation 2
GT5 and GT6 = PlayStation 3 -> ?

The First is to Move hardware sales, the Second is for Pure Profit....

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gamerzBEreal172984d ago

i think GT6 will be towards the end year of the ps3s life cycle i dont think that's comeing till 2012-2014

whoelse2984d ago

We'll see GT6 in 2012 I recon. Not too soon, but enough time to add a few minor tweaks etc.

Then GT7 sometime after the PS4 releases.

Def Warrant2984d ago

lol i think we should just focus on when GT5 is releasing for now. GT6 is not even on my mind right now.

Dawn_Of_Ashes2984d ago

lol gt6... I know the engine is already done but i highly doubt that we will hear something from gt6 sooner or later.
They will probably try to milk gt5 and the doing some dlc like new race and cars and then after... Probably a gt6 which seems to be something verry logic to me. But dont count on it before 3 or 4 years by now...

DJ2984d ago

That's enough time to upgrade the engine even more (imagine how That will look) and enhance the damage system. GT3 was a revolution, while GT4 simply upped the ante a little bit for PS2. I reckon the same will happen with GT5 and GT6 on the PS3.

WoshJills2984d ago

Yamaichi said there will be no DLC for Gran Turismo 5 because everything that should be in the game will ship on the disc. He also said that Gran Turismo 6 will not take as long as GT5 because they will already have their technology established. GT5 took five years, so two years will not be far fetched, especially if you notice the trend of two Gran Turismo games per PlayStation console.

ChanDangle2984d ago

I'm gonna give it another 2-4 years till we see GT6. I mean just imagine the possibilities if they added DLC like region based tracks or cars as a pack. My head would probably explode.

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