New avatar redesign could hurt gamers

Earlier this week Rare revealed that the Xbox Live Avatars would soon be getting redesigned for Kinect. This news doesn't bode well for gamers that have spent countless Microsoft Points on avatar-specific clothing. Rare probably isn't too happy with having to redesign the avatars either.

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BlackBusterCritic2983d ago

This is just me, but I absolutely cant stand the Avatars. Look at the way they stand.

Xander7562983d ago

It's still a waste of time to change them all around. I have a feeling they are going to make some sort of "Xbox 360 Home."

Yi-Long2983d ago

... I really don't want to see them changed to a more 'realistic' avatar. They're cute now.

MicroSony4Life2983d ago

Current avatars for the much younger people

New Avatars for the grown ups.

ActionBastard2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"Look at the way they stand." is just funny. And true.

BlackBusterCritic2983d ago

Why do ALL avatars have to stand like they're feminine? Ever since that update, and I got my first look at those avatars...and the part where they give you some auto generated ones to pick from, and one suddenly made the motions saying "Oh oh oh! Pick me!"...............I' VE HATED THESE ABOMINATIONS EVER SINCE! Rare has created one of my most loathed aspects of the Xbox360. Even if I DONT WANT an avatar, there is no option to get rid of the fucker.

TotalPS3Fanboy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

And no matter how much people complain, Microsoft isn't going to change they way they stand.

omi25p2983d ago

im a core gamer and tbh i spend ages doing up my avatar to make him look as stupid as possible. Why do people think hardcore gamers are so boring and dont just piss about having fun?

Xander7562983d ago

Well there are exceptions to every rule of course.

Godmars2902983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Yeah, it is going to be funny if all of the current avatar clothing if not all items become unusable. MS themselves will have to spend tons of hours (money) to fix them, because things will only hit the roof if they blow it off. Make re-buying everything over again the only option.

And really, who honestly believes that Rare designed 360 avatars *years* before Miis... :\

GuruStarr782983d ago

Anyone who spends real money on avatar accessories is a tool to begin with.

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