New Dragon Age 2 Shirts Bringin’ the Blood Spatter at the BioWare Store

BioWare snuck in five new Dragon Age 2 shirts to the BioWare Store today. They’ve been shopping around ideas for new shirts that fans would like on their Facebook page for a while now and have finally listed up a few of the main designs. The new shirts are mostly logo-style designs on a few new t-shirts and hoodies. You can check out all of the new designs front and back as well as a close-up of the dragons in the gallery.

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rrquinta3033d ago

Ooooh me like the red one. Wish that was a hoodie... that would be sweet, since I'm always freezing. Hmm. I don't really wear t-shirts anymore, but it's an awesome design.

NYC_Gamer3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

yeah..that red one is hot

Snarkasaur3033d ago

I want one with REAL blood spatters. How much will that cost?

ShadowPraxis3033d ago

The hoodie is nice. I need more hoodies. :P