Seeing Colors: An Underrepresentation of Minorities in Video Games

Jessica Brohard of DualShockers writes, "Take a moment and think of some of the best-selling video games released in 2010. According to, the top ten games this year (in order from least to best selling) were Pokemon HeartGold, Mass Effect 2, Wii Sports Resort, Pokemon SoulSilver, God of War III, Wii Fit Plus, Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Taking away the games with non-human lead characters (like God of War), and those with customizable characters (like Mass Effect), we are left with the four best-selling games of 2010. And of these four, all are presumably of Caucasian descent, and only one is female. And in fact, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII was originally designed to be male, and then only later changed to her final design."

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NYC_Gamer3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

i look at it as just bein video games...not really concerned about the nat/gender of the main characters....

Chadness3033d ago

There does seem to be an unbalancing going on with who the protagonists are in the games we play. I suppose both strong female characters and minorities are up there. I'd like to see more of both, actually.

Does it affect me, the games I play and my connection to the characters? Not really.

iiprotocolii3032d ago

I just find it pretty funny that in distant worlds, make believe universes and even our own planet, the majority of protagonists tend to be "light skinned." Not that I have a problem with race or color, it's just funny that in these imaginary worlds everything is so colorless in terms of complexion. :\

taz80803033d ago

It would be great to see more diverse characters. Even better would be characters that have good personalities unlike Snow from FF13. Lol

ZombieAutopsy3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I think the author only excluded GoW3 because Kratos is a black guy and it went against the article.

It's all about marketability too, and i'm sure most analyst that are hired by companies say "Go white and male if you wanna appeal to your fanbase". It's not right but it's a sad sad truth.

I personally don't care if i play a male/female black/white, the only thing i care about is the gameplay and stability of the game.

taz80803033d ago

Well said.

Was krauts black? I am unsure of this, I thought he was a Spartan and that made him white? I may be incorrect

thevokillist3033d ago

Kratos looked like a white dude to me, but the actor who portrayed him in the game, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, is black. But, a Spartan nonetheless.

All in all, I care about gameplay and having fun. Half of the time though, if I'm playing a game that allows me to create a character, I generally play as a girl (just because they are prettier to look at).

Very nice article though, definitely made me think about the topic a little more and how there isn't really many minorities in video games.

Chadness3033d ago

To me it is more about relating to the character than anything as far as game play goes. I suppose game play is more important in FPS games and such, which all have a strong multi-player component and no one cares about the (usually) crappy single-player campaign anyway.

But, when story takes front and center of the entire game experience, I prefer characters I can relate to - it doesn't matter if they'r Caucasian, African American, female, whatever. As long as they have qualities I can relate to that helps me connect to them and, ultimately, the story, it's all good.

Ruckus3033d ago

Kratos is a demigod with white skin. I really don't see how this makes him a "black guy."

thevokillist3033d ago

Well, his skin was drenched in the ashes of his dead family, making him white as snow. I can't quite remember from the first game what he quite looked like before the ash was placed...

ZombieAutopsy3032d ago

I'm not sure if he's black or what but in the cutscenes when he doesn't have the ashes on him he looks dark skinned. So im pretty sure he's not a white guy.

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booni33033d ago

i totally agree that minorities dont get much lead time in games. Right now, if you think about a black or asian lead in a feels a little fresh doesn't it. Almost like things have been tabooed.

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