Deadly Premonition EU Box Art Revealed

HellDescent: Rising Star Games has just revealed the box art for the European version Deadly Premonition, and it’s still living in it’s B-Horror bliss. The art is focusing on the trench coat killer who stalks you throughout the game. Oh, and there’s that Destructoid 10/10 logo. Hey Rising Star, we gave the game a 9/10! How about some love? The European version of Deadly Premonition will be arriving in stores this Fall.

So says Mr. Stewart.

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Coheno2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I secretly wish this game would come to PS3. I really want to try this!

Arsenic132981d ago

Well it did come to Europe because of its success. Lets see which publisher decides so first.

Coheno2981d ago

But who would ever decide to do a port...?

Arsenic132981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Rising star published the EU version, and there already is a PS3 version of the game. Just in Japanese (Red Seeds Profile)

Coheno2981d ago

Ahh I did not know that! Bubbles sir for making me smarter! Now we just need someone to decide to publish it...

Acquiescence2981d ago

but I'll be buying this, and not just for its "so bad it's good" tag.

Coheno2981d ago

That might be the only reason I would buy it for. Especially after Jeff Cannata's rant about how much he hated it on Weekend Confirmed I thought I have to play this!