Tales of Graces f Unveils Website With Two New Videos

Since the initial reveal of Tales of Graces f late last month, the official website for the game was only a teaser site with the game's official logo and some music playing in the background. Namco Bandai has finally properly unveiled the website, and it includes some new character videos.

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Sanrin2981d ago

We need English website and translation! Damn you Namco!

mephman2981d ago

They're trying, they're trying.

ChronoJoe2981d ago

They are?

Namco used to hold, then they sold it to two guys who took it upon themselves to do the English translation, themself.

Yeah, Namco are really trying.

Game-ur2981d ago

The fan campaign to localize the game is at least getting the attention of Namco America, next there should be a campaign directed at Namco Japan, but we need fans who know Japanese to get it started.

-GoldenTimeLover-2981d ago

Are the graphics the same level as Vesperia? Sorry didnt play it so I have no idea.

Infernostew2981d ago

It's a Wii port so I doubt it but I'm sure the game still looks great.

-GoldenTimeLover-2981d ago

So its a direct Wii port? My bad, I thought there were graphical improvements.

Infernostew2981d ago

I didn't say it was a direct port because I'm not quite sure. I'm sure they enhanced the visuals a bit but I wouldn't think that it would be a drastic difference from the Wii version. This is purely speculation on my part.

Redempteur2981d ago

this isn't a direct wii port
first they updated the graphism but don't expect miracles and the fixed ( i hope the numerous bugs that plaggued the new gameplus mode on the wii version )

get ready for a lot of extra costumes

ShawnCollier2980d ago

@dontletmegetme: The graphics are upgraded (not blurry and they seem to be using some sort of cel-shading on the characters).

There's also a new storyline that takes place post-game, and has been stated as being 3/4 the size of the main story (something about the main part taking up "four books" and the new story being "three books" or something to that effect).

As well as new Mystic Artes, etc, ala Vesperia PS3.

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ZeroX98762981d ago

anyway, I'm not interested in any Namco news until they make efforts to localize Tales of games. My support for them is just not there anymore. Tales of series is one of their best franchise ever and I want to play those games so much! My only option would be learning japanese!

-GoldenTimeLover-2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

"anyway, I'm not interested in any Namco news"

Yep, I can see you're not interested that you even made a comment. -__-

ZeroX98762981d ago

didn't read the news on the link provided! it was written Tales of, I checked if it was about the translation.

Magnus2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I could careless about this Tales game or any other Namco news unless an announcement about Tales of Vesperia being localized for the North American PS3.

Its funny they had a great RPG that did somewhat good sales on the PS2 Xenosaga was a great RPG. Tales of Vesperia was an awsome game on the Xbox 360 I wanted the PS3 version announced and they announce it but only in Japan. If they released the game here it would probably blow the sale numbers of the 360 version out of the water. I ask WTF is Namco smoking when they are not releasing this game to North America.