Why Call of Duty: Black Ops Won't Suck

GB - Call of Duty is one of the most respected shooter franchises right now. Often compared with the likes of Halo and Goldeneye, Call of Duty is obviously a very influential, and a very high quality series.

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gameseveryday3689d ago

Very nice read, I wonder what Bobby Kotick will do to ruin a great game. :(

halocursed3689d ago

Bobby Kotick killed my Dog and raped my Cat...

Acquiescence3688d ago

that was me. I meant to apologise for that.

Apollyn3688d ago

Oh sh*t have a bubble that made me chuckle

Apology accepted

r1sh123688d ago

that bumb kotic destroyed activision.
He thinkgs everyone hates activision, but infact we all hate him for destroying all the games we want to love.

StillGray3689d ago

Black Ops features dedicated servers and Modding support after launch, so there's a chance it'll not suck.

Megaton3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Good thing, too. Activision wouldn't want PC gamers to boycott them again.

Oh wait...

Nihilism3688d ago

lol, yeah that was a joke.

MW2 PC outsold COD4 PC's lifetime sales in it's first week.

TheBand1t3688d ago

I like how CS is still so high on the list

TheHip143689d ago

It won't be as good as MW2

Apollyn3688d ago

There is nothing good about mw2 aparrt from it keeping slightly moronic people off the streets

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3688d ago

Blackops will be better but I still wont get it. I gotta get GT5, Vanquish, nuns2, DCUO, The fight, sports champions, 2 move controllers, a psp, khbbs, MGSPW and a letter asking my landlord if I could be late paying rent all before December. Now apparently I need to pre order Mass Effect 2............ make that 2 letters.

Apollyn3688d ago

@ExgamerLegends have a bubble u made me lol.
I haven't even sat down and worked out what I'm buying yet hmmm

Witcher 2 if its out
New Vegas
The fight
WoW cataclysm

And probably more and my snowboarding holiday and kid due in Feb.... need a lottery WIN!

nickjkl3688d ago

it doesnt take that much to be better than modern warfare 2 but i can already see them making those mistakes

N2G3688d ago

oh dear me how dare anyone says this (( Often compared with the likes of Halo )) oh dear what an insult to call of duty,i'm truely speechless.

@ Smartjester14

i think single player will be but multiplayer has a big ? over it as no one knows for sure,it's a treyarch game after all.

LoLZoRz3688d ago

can you tell me why it will suck except your hate to CoD?

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The story is too old to be commented.