Gamer Burnout

Mark Withers over at Platform Nation describes a phenomenon which is common among gamers. "It’s a phase that most if not all gamers go through and based on the fact that according to statistics, the average gamer is a 35 year old, the chances are that those who read this article have at least experienced Gamer Burnout at least once."

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DanyBrown3006d ago

I can definetely relate to some of those phases in this article especially the been there done that experience which is one of the reasons i almost don't play FPS anymore

Persistantthug3006d ago

Unplug your system(s) and do other stuff.

About a year or 2 later (maybey 6 months) you should be rejuvinated and will be happy as a clam to be playing again.

TrailerParkSupervisr3006d ago

I get "genre burnout". I have never just been sick of gaming. Ever.

Elvfam5113006d ago

I have gamer burnout right now... Hopefully mafia II can help a little

markwithers3006d ago

if the demo is a good representation of the final game then I know it will cure my Gamer Burnout.

My demo impressions are here.

Focker-4203006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I'm currently in a burnout phase. Its been 3 weeks since I've even touched a game. I have no motivation to play any of the games I currently have. I'll probably go to the game store later this week and pick up a game I haven't played yet.

I still love gaming its just nothing is appealing atm. Hopefully I'll be out of this phase by next week.

ManBearPork3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Just before my holiday I bought a used copy of burnout revenge for the 360. I've been playing the game every single day and already have spent over 200 hours of online racing.
Addicted to burnout is a lot better than a gamer burnout :p

Gamer burnouts usually happend in a long summer holiday when almost no good games get released and you already finished the ones from the months before.

Paradise3006d ago

I have that phase at least once a year

Megaton3006d ago

Same, maybe 2 or 3 times a year for me.

dinkeldinkse3006d ago

But it only lasts for a day at the most.

FreddySavage3006d ago

but only the kind where he says "been there done that"...i have never questioned whether i want to keep playing games...i am usually just waiting for something new to come out...i wouldn't say i was in one right now...seeing as i just beat Kane and Lynch 2...but i am really glad that Mafia II is out in a few days...i need new games badly...summer gaming drought if coming to it's end...Reach is out soon...and the holidays are going year is looking good too...i cannot wait for Rage...

as long as theres new games i will always be playing games...i wanna be a one day i'll work on games to keep you guys out of slumps :)

im serious gonna play games for as long as i can...damn gonna get cyborg hands or something lol...

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The story is too old to be commented.