This is the Call of Duty: Black Ops Demo of Gamescom 2010

Leaked Gamescom 2010 demo video of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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Apollyn3032d ago

I just can't get hyped about this game there has been far too many fps games recently too even care about another cod. More hyped for moh and crysis tbh. God I want something fresh though roll on portal 2 co-op.

HeroXIV3032d ago

Same. Getting Crysis 2 because the MP is by Crytek UK. And I think I'll start slimming down on FPS gaming now. Need more innovation/epicness like LBP2 and inFamous 2 and GT5!!!

Winter47th3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Why would you link us to a translated German site with a pop-up orgy if their link's already Youtube?

vickers5003032d ago

THANK YOU! Adblocker and no script don't work well at all with those crappy translated german sites.


Tachyon_Nova3032d ago

Crysis 2 MP does looks pretty amazing from what I've seen so far, despite what some of the nay-sayers on here have said. I'm pretty pumped for Medal of Honour after I saw "The Catalyst" trailer, that was a well produced trailer if ever I saw one.

@ HeroXIV - I too want to start easing away from being an FPS focused gamer, towards more RPG's, platformers etc. I think there is certainly room for a focused FPS with some RPG elements. Think BioShock taken a bit further. The landscape in Borderlands is too big, but otherwise that game strikes a good balance between RPG and FPS. Hopefully Rage won't fall into the trap of being too open.

DecoyOctopus3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

video sucked you couldnt even see half what was going and the gore was censored because it was the german version

outrageous3032d ago

Now you see why Crysis would rather go head to head with KZ3 than Black ops. That looked amazing...Treyarch has really outdone themselves. The pre-orders are higher already ( only August ) than MW2 and MW2 sold 20++ million. Halo Reach and COD untouchable this year. Halo 4 and Sledgehammers COD in holiday

LoLZoRz3032d ago

Woop ak!

Reloading sound sounds better :D

ZILLA3032d ago

daaaamm,i almost fell asleep.thank god for BAAAAAD COMPANY 2,cause i would hate to have this as a FPS.i think COD is getting more and more like SOCOM,but if you want balls to the wall movie type game play go with the king...BFBC2(period)

heroprotagonist3032d ago

That is the stupidest leaked video I have ever seen. Half the time you are only seeing a lower sliver of the screen, and sometimes no screen at all! I guess it's better than nothing for those who are dying of curiosity about this game.

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