What A Great Week For PlayStation

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I've got absolutely nothing to moan about. This has been an excellent week for the PlayStation brand; so good, in fact, that even reports of a jailbreak weren't able to subdue the mood. I predicted before GamesCom that it would be a low-key show - but Sony's found their stomping ground. Last year Sony dominated the European event with the headline grabbing platform redesign, but this year they ran on momentum alone. Nearly every big story coming out of GamesCom this week was attached to the PlayStation brand in some form; be it game announcements, blow-outs or hands-on reports. The other platform holders simply can't compete with the bulk of content coming out of SCE - it's not like this year's E3 was a particularly muted showing for the publisher, either."

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FangBlade2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

It's been a great year!

Shadow Flare2979d ago

This is the benefits of having the largest house of first party studios in the industry. While nintendo and Microsoft blow their load at e3, Sony keeps announcing more, and more, and more games. We've still yet to hear about The Last Guardian and Starhawk

piroh2979d ago

GTA Episodes of Liberty City
Killzone 3
InFamous 2
LittleBigPlanet 2
Motorstorm 3
Twisted Metal
Portal 2
Mass Effect 2
new Ratchet
Resistance 3
God of War for PSP
and many more...

0mega42979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

as sonys move took gamescom

it really shows how the world views the ps3 versus how the us views microsoft

as with gamescom kinect was actually critiqued while at e3 kinect got tons of praise

guess thats what happens when you give free xboxs to create a media bias

CaptainPunch2979d ago

Damn straight, this year has been awesome for the PS3.

pork_chop_express2979d ago

mass effect ps3
and move being awesome on killzone 3

BAM there it is.

Ravage272979d ago

Virtual Tennis 4 works great too :)

GC is awesome this year

ndibu2979d ago

The week that Jailbreak breaks cover and threatens future software sales? Thats a great week? Hate to see what a bad week is then

Silly gameAr2979d ago

Depends on who you ask I guess. This is going to be one hell of a year for gamers. Looking good next year too.

Lucreto2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Well that can be easily be patched. The developers don't seem to concerned.

@Zir0 below

The USB has a key on it which changes the PS3 into a dev unit. Sony can update the dev units to a new code and patch the retail PS3 which will leave the USB key useless. Since the only way to get the key is by stealing it or a dev selling out Sony for money they would be a risk to get the new key.

Zir02979d ago

But if it is just code, wouldn't the hackers just be able to patch theirs as well?

I just find it hard to believe that anything is unhackable, and the fact that they have finally found a method all they need to do is keep it updated, especially if its just software based.

Lucreto2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Nothing is unhackable but Sony did a lot of work on the security system.

The code these guys got was stolen for example would be like 8472sg1201242. Sony changes the code to ps31701de.

How will they be able to patch it if the new code is secret?

vickers5002979d ago

"How will they be able to patch it if the new code is secret?"

How did the hackers find out the original code in the first place? If they figured it out on their own the first time, what's to say they wont find it out again?

Zir02979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Sure Sony can make a patch but whose saying the hackers can't crack that like they did the PSP?

The only way Sony was able to beat them was by releasing a whole new PSP. And if that happens expect the hardware and software sales of the PS3 to mirror the PSP.

If both the PSP and PS3 fall to serious piracy it could be the end of the playstation brand.

I know im being a little bit extreme but this will happen if they aren't stopped.

It definitely hurt the PSP.

Lets say Sony isn't able to stop it, do you really think 80% of the PS3 base won't just go buy the USB hack. Its so simple to do unlike welding a chip onto the 360 and its even looks easier than the PSP method. The easy of use and accessiblity to this hack is what makes it so dangerous to the PS3, since anyone can do it.

Chris3992979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Did piracy (if it even works in this case) destroy the PSX, PS2, PSP, Wii or 360?

You're at a "10" and we need you at a "2".

Umm, modding a 360 takes 5 mins and occurs at the exact same shops where you would buy a USB dongle - last I checked it was just a drive replacement and flash, no chips are involved. I guarantee that this will not amount to anything and you running around being Chicken Little and screaming how the sky is falling, will just look foolish in a week.

Rainstorm812979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

i agree but you forgot the the number one pirating victim the PC

last time i checked PC gaming has been around forever with no signs of stopping.

Modding an xbox 360 doesnt require a chip or welding or soldering.

It takes longer to dismantle a 360 than it does to flash the Disc drive.

mcstorm2979d ago

piracy is in away good for sales of the consoles but there has to be a balance between how easy it is to do and get hold of games Example is the Dreamcast The Machine was amazing but because it was so easy to chip and to get games for it it killed software sales.
I think this gen the PS3 and 360 have less piracy than the last two consoles because of online play. More and more people pay online on the tow consoles than last gen and this is helping with the piracy. I only know two people who have a chipped 360 and its because they dont play on line.

The Wii is the most chipped console this gen over half the people I know who have a wii have it chipped.

But it has been a very good year for sony my only grumble is bring more games out that work online as the life or the game will be longer.

I think 2011 will be a interesting year with both Move and kinect in full swing and a host of new games announced for the consoles.

Chris3992979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

geared toward idiots who don't realize how easily an exploit like this can be patched. Also, even the BBC article (which was very informative) questioned the validity of this "hack", stating that it was speculated that the hack was shown to be running on a debugging unit. No one - including yourself - seems to read the actual content of the articles here, so it's no wonder that you're so clueless.

The sad thing is that there can be any number of connections run into a television, and a multitude of ways in which you can fake a hack. I'll believe it when these things hit the stores and actually work.

I'm far more inclined to think that we'll see an article in a few weeks, that reveals the whole thing as bogus or already patched.

As far as a "bad" week, well, we could look to MS' dismal showing at the last two major world trade events. Aside from people gobbling up a second 360 (in the hopes that the new one won't break - finally), they've had a slew of unfavorable coverage. Sony has just completed a full annum of year over year software and hardware growth with support from pretty much every 3rd party developer under the sun as well as consistent releases of their own AAA exclusives. Has this escaped you entirely? For someone who is on N4G every day, you are remarkably uniformed.

mrmikew20182979d ago

You deserved a bubble for that my friend, you took the words right out of my mouth. No ever reads the article, they go by the title and base their opinions off that. I think it's safe to determine that the fanboys either can't read or they're dumber than they really are. It's really sickening at this point to see the stupidity and ignorance that plague this site.

Rainstorm812979d ago

are you serious?

i guess some guys have been like this all week (@:15)

You do know the 360 and Wii is more pirated than the ps3 soooooooo..... WTF are you talking about??

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Lucreto2979d ago

Yes it is a great week. I was expecting an expansion of the movie stores in Europe but it never happened.

Mass Effect 2 was a nice surprise and a new Ratchet game was also very good.

Stealth20k2979d ago

And resistence and the fact that anything kinect touches looks like shit

Nate-Dog2979d ago

Not too sure about the "PS3 has 7-8 years left in it" thing. Seems a bit too much for me, I can see a PS4 being out around 2014-2016.

get2sammyb2979d ago

Right, but there's no reason the PS3 can't run alongside the PS4 like the PS2 continues to now.

Nate-Dog2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Ah I see what you mean. I suppose I interpreted it as a "PS3 will be at it's best for this long" thing, my mistake.

@Rainnstorm: Well perhaps you're right but you have to remember how good a system the PS2 was, and the fact that it is still the best-ever selling console released means it would be silly for Sony to not continue it's support. But you're right, I never though that even with it's success that they'd still support it this far along.

Rainstorm812979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

but i agree a PS4 will be out and the thing about sony they continue to support the previous console....looks at PS2....its still supported and its 10th anniversary is this year.

Wouldnt you say the PS3 has "longer legs" than the PS2?

edit @ get2sammy - aww you beat me to it....+bubbles

Apollyn2979d ago

Gotta hand it too Sony they are really on a roll!

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