1UP-Crazy Kung-Fu PSN Game Live Demo

Check out someone playing Kung-Fu Live, a camera-based game for PS3.


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TheHardware2982d ago

i know its th efat overdressed guy that looks like he never played a video game in his life, but uhmm...that looks terrible


8-bit2982d ago

He sucked balls.. I have seen this game in a much better light with people doing a bunch of moves

jjacinto232982d ago

Cameras specially "kinnect".... How can you play now good thing this Kung Fu live have controller support

derkasan2982d ago

Imagine a flying kick...


Damn, I won't let my little brothers play this thing then.

jaytv-pyro2982d ago

We can all say the same about Kinect's games so please don't bash this game because is a "PS3 Exclusive" that is not well least it's better than anything Micro$oft has showed us for their Eye Toy 1.5

moodymofo2982d ago

i thought this was a kinect demo if you think this game looks bad well thats about what kinect is goin to be doin

CrzyFooL2982d ago

lol this guy sucks. LET ME IN THERE!! I'll kick some virtual ass!!

ChozenWoan2981d ago

I'll meet you in the darkest ally the game has any day.

My skills will have you so amazed you'll be on the ground hurting in 3 secs flat... then you'll likely stop laughing at me and kick my butt, yet I will be able to say that I put you to the floor. lol

Blackpool2982d ago

i wont be surprised to see kinect fanboys coming here and trolling

mintaro2982d ago

And yet there are none to be found.

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The story is too old to be commented.