MAG Beta Times Next Week

"Due to the huge number of requests for what the beta times are, I'm posting them below. Note these are subject to change and start August 24 (if the PS Store updates in time, it's possible the first session would be skipped if the PS Store updates in the afternoon); Also, the beta runs Monday-Friday. Session 1Hawaii: 5am-9amAlaska: 7am-11amPacific: 8am-12pmMountain: 9am-1pmCentral: 10am-2pmEastern: 11am-3pmGMT: 3pm-7pm Session 2Hawaii: 1pm-5pmAlaska: 3pm-7pmPacific: 4pm-8pmMountain: 5pm-9pmCentral: 6pm-10pmEastern: 7pm-11pmGMT: 11pm-3am"

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3687d ago
DA_SHREDDER3687d ago

So its pretty much confirmed the beta won't start until Wed because Sony always updates the store after 3 pm Eastern. I've seen Sony do an update at around 8 pm Eastern before. Never before 3 though.

Ludakriss3687d ago

Y'know if you make a transition from COD to MAG it really disappoints you. In COD I found your response time helps ya out, because it only takes a few bullet to finish someone. In MAG however, the shooting lasts way too long. A little odd when ya gotta unload a half a clip into someone's head to get a head shot.

3687d ago
rohsik3687d ago

Either u haven't played MAG or u haven't notice it...head shot is instant kill in MAG like in all other FPS..and u will hear ur opponent skull-cracking like sound as soon as u headshot him.

Maccaz3687d ago

Actually a headshot is 3x the normal damage of a chest shot. Not always an instant kill unless with a sniper/knife or they are already sufficiently damaged.

skip2mylou3687d ago

yea like health enhancement and armor doesnt factor into that like at all

HeroXIV3687d ago

Very reasonable times for GMT people. :) Can't wait to try out the new mode and skill tree.

pixelsword3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

If they listen to suggestions with caution and care this time, I think the players can hammer out every known complaint in MAG without losing the essence of what MAG is; and that will put MAG permanently in the upper echelon of online games for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.