Video Reveals Polyphony Digital Studied Spa-Francorchamps

GTPlanet owner writes:
Before you read any further, keep in mind the information below should NOT be taken as confirmation that any of the following tracks will be in Gran Turismo 5. I am posting this here to get ahead of other media outlets who post this without more careful consideration of what may actually be shown in these images. With that said, the following is an interesting discovery you GTPlanet readers should know about.

Video Below,12:40

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cobraagent3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

of Spa Francochamps. Red Bull Simulator, Webber driving
Spa is located in Belgium(Belgian Gran Prix takes place 1st September) and it is considered the greatest F1 track ever. The second corner, eau rouge(red water), is also the most famous corner out of all f1 tracks
It would e incredible if GT5 included it!!!

stevenhiggster3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Cool video Cobra, never seen that before.
Spa is my favourite circuit of all time and it's the one thing I've really been praying for in GT5. While everyone else was talking about damage and weather I've just been thinking 'screw that just give me Spa and I'll be happy'.

Oh and the Spa GP is on Aug 29th not Sept 1st btw. ;-)

cobraagent3007d ago

of the picture

????/ Europe ????
????????? America ????
????????? Italia ??????????
????? Fuji Speedway
????? Europe ????
BBC Top Gear Test Track
???? Fuji Speedway
Infineon (raceway)
Kleine Scheidegg
Spa Francorchamps
Twin Ring Motegi
— [Nurburgring data files following]
— [...]
Pikes Peak
Bandimere Speedway (At least, that’s my interpretation for what I read as バンヂミアスピードウェイ)

Thanks to gt planet

manfurismo3007d ago

Bandimere Speedway ????
Who translated those?

cobraagent3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

New Polish GT5 (pre)review

ChronoJoe3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

The voice guy for videos like this. Not sure why but I love it, real easy to listen to. lol

mariusmal3006d ago

we already know that polyphony always did their homework :D

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