Top 5 - Worst Completionist Addictions

BMC: First off, I should clarify that by “worst,” I mean 1. most time-consuming, 2. lack of returns, and 3. potentially hazardous to your health.

When I was younger, had more free time, and never felt a need to question anything, I played right into these developers’ hands by being a drone when I played my video games. I followed strategy guides and FAQs to ensure that I found every treasure chest and completed every side quest.

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-Mezzo-3006d ago

Great Article, Love the image the most (Achievement Unlocked *You Haven't Been Outside In A Week* ) LMAO.

SpaceSquirrel3006d ago

I'm sure completionists love Trophies and Achievements

ITLoo3006d ago

I'm a completionist and an achievement hunter, and I approve this message.

-Mezzo-3006d ago

Let me guess where have i hear this before. RWJ.

Valay3006d ago

For me lately, it's talking to everyone. But not more than once.

Hitman07693006d ago

I'm addicted to StarCraft 2 nno!!!