Over two minutes of new Metroid: Other M footage

Close to three minutes of new Metroid: Other M footage has been released, showing new areas and more.

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jazzking20012982d ago

i wish i had a Wii
Other M looks awesome

Agent Smith2982d ago

You can come over and watch if you want.

Valay2982d ago

Can't believe the game is almost here... Finally. Feels like it's been awhile since the game was first announced. Interested to see how the Nintendo/Team Ninja mix turns out.

Cheeseknight282982d ago

I was super worried about this game turning out to be crap (I know, Metroid game being crap, but the first gameplay details left a bad taste in my mouth), but considering the sheer amount of developers on it, I think it'll be ok.

I'm still not sold on the whole "hold Wiimote sideways" being the only control scheme. It was a massive pain in Super Paper Mario, that d-pad was not made for long use.

mrcash2982d ago

Looks like it would make a great arcade game...... I'm joking no but really looks like fun.

Ult iMate2982d ago

Looks like Contra or any other old-school scrolling action game. That's nice.

ChickeyCantor2982d ago

Nah, it just looks like metroid...xD

YoungKingDoran2982d ago

reminds me of killer7 when samus is running around in 3rd person and it goes into first person for shooting, then back to 3rd

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