Upcoming Medal of Honor Infuriates Military Families

DualShockers writes, "With the new Medal of Honor coming out in about mid-October, there is some controversy arising regarding the game’s settings and plot being set on the war in the middle-east, Afghanistan to be exact. With this new Medal of Honor, players will be able to play Taliban soldiers going against the Coalition troops in Afghanistan. It’s only natural that the families of those who have died during the real-life war be angry that EA would come out with such a game..."

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taz80803690d ago

People at times just love to argue for the sake of arguing. It is a video game, who are the americans supposed to fight? Martians or perhaps Smurfs?

The point is to make the game realistic, I think people just like to over-react to anything that slightly bothers them.

thevokillist3690d ago

It's true, it's just a game, and people love to complain about every little single thing that they can. Get over it! Pop a vicodin and chill out! People are starting to remind me so much of Jerry Falwell!

Cevapi883690d ago

imagine if we had videogames during WW II...i can only wonder if there would be a same reaction as there is to this and that was an actual war that took place all over the damn globe...

JoelT3690d ago

you're talking about a whole different breed of people and way of thinking. People back in those days (if games were around) wouldn't have dared to make something like this. People didn't even take pictures of FDR when he fell out of his wheelchair, you know why? Because people had RESPECT back then. where as if president Obama lays a fart in an elevator and someone smells it, it's all over the Sunday Times.

Cevapi883690d ago

the problem is that this only seems to be exclusive to americans...i like how nobody brings the other side into the equation...i wonder what afghan or iraqi families think of videogames portraying their people as villains...oh wait, they are living it at the moment....i wonder what the russians thought of when you mowed down a whole airport of civilians, now imagine doing No American Left Behind and mowing down JFK or LAX...the uproar would be ridiculous...this is news because we make it an exclusive problem

JoelT3690d ago

you make great points! Bubbles for you sir.

TrailerParkSupervisr3689d ago

I just did that exact thing. Warm fuzzies here I come!

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iiprotocolii3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I have made the same argument for the past couple of years. Americans are a bit touchy about "war" games - especially when it's a family member of theirs that have been in it. But we hardly tend to take other participants of the wars to heart. What about the Japanese in WWII? The Germans? The Afghans, like you just said? The Russian scene reversed? When it's us mowing down another country who represents being the "enemy," we're all of a sudden okay with it. But when it's vise versa, it's an issue.

People just need to deal with the fact that games, whether or not based on real life events, are a form of entertainment. Just like movies that depict even worse things, games are meant to provide a different experience in the form of unique amusement. But this is a problem in the US because the media perpetuates this as an issue. The United States, when compared to other countries, is so censored as a society that any given issue becomes large scale. It's pathetic.

JoelT3690d ago

I am all about delivering hard hitting experiences is what gaming is all about. But as someone who has family that has served in Iraq for the better part of the last decade, sometimes things just hit too close to home. The new MOH is all about this level of detail and realism and maybe for right now, it's a bit much.

taz80803690d ago

But then it becomes an issue of when is it too soon? Do we set time limits on when we can depict certain events?

Also I am sure that many people really could care less, namely the drones of teenagers that will play and not really care who they play as. the people that will care will most likely not play at all.

Hitman07693690d ago

again tho when movies do it then its okay but not games, this is total bs these ppl are idiots. have to draw the line at embargoing the rights u serve to protect or u r just hypocritical and better off sheltering urself under a rock cuz its not going away

supremacy3690d ago

forget them novels and history books they too tell the story, only this is a game and games are always the center of attention and targeted by politicians and now families.

like when ever there is a casualty they blame games right away.

guys remember this? it just goes to show you that a little money changes the mindset of some people and press heck even religion.

Now after Sony paid or funded said amount, they never heard from this people ever again and still the game features this complex.

Here is another example of what im talking about.

people are just always looking for interest and pointing fingers when in need or something even if that something is to simply blame a game for their own actions.

heck i find all this funny i mean cost and effect people..

I will be buying this game, only for the simple fact is a different alternative to halo reach which i should be done beating by the time this rolls out and killzone 3 doesn't come out until next year of duty is just overrated in my opinion im sick and tire of that series already it kinda feels like them countless maddens and rockbands lol jees.

dragonelite3690d ago

Look this is freedom people dont let you have a choice what to play what to watch without bitching talking about respect you must earn it not collect it. I have friends and family members that now/did serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn't matter about cod your able to play as afghan/Iraqi fighters. Not gonna call them terrorist because war is fought from both sides.

iceman063690d ago

especially those that are American have or have had family and friends that were or are still in the military and have been deployed in the Middle East. I had my best friend and his father both deployed in Desert Shield/Storm and my best friend again in this new war. What keeps me at peace? Knowing that they CHOSE to serve our country at a time of war. Oh...and knowing that their favorite games...while deployed...are FPS's. If you actually asked those that are deployed...they probably wouldn't have such an issue because they understand that it is a game. The game is NOT making light of the situation. It is bringing some harsh realities of war. Plus, it is meant to be played by adults that can handle such reality.

DNAgent3690d ago

Except in the case of Mafia 2. Realism pretty much killed off that one plus it takes so long to get into a car (you'll really notice it if you're getting shot at). It doesn't matter if you're breaking into it or just trying to get back into a car that you have as it's slow. He's certainly no Niko when it comes to breaking into cars either.

taz80803690d ago

People getting offended also usually means some type of story on the local night time news and free publicity. WOnder if it is real outrage or staged at times?

Hitman07693690d ago

Im surprised they are so offended, this sort of thing happens in movies all the time. the double standard is really BS.

JoelT3690d ago

that is a great point, there's much worse stuff in movies than you would ever find in this game.

supremacy3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

know what i don't get? is why aren't the people whom actually experience these things in real life, and im talking about the vets at ea helping the devs with this game mad or upset instead they are happily handing ea material to work with, meanwhile you have some family in the middle of kansas flapping her gums as if..

i mean i had a friend and a cousin there for 3 years, yeah its tough and now they are back playing these games like its nothing. so..again why the frenzy, if you don't like the idea simply ignore and move on.

its so..ironic how we have all these games about nazis and the cold war, and to this day we have veterans from those events lending support to directors in gaming, movies and writers.

thevokillist3690d ago

movies are worse than video games. I just don't see why people make such a big deal out of violent video games, or playing as Taliban, it's art imitating life. This is the real world, people. We live in a day of age where we are consumed by fear of the unknown...

alphakennybody3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

well how about those Germans and Russians, I'm sure they too are tired of being portrayed as evil people in many game. my advice to those families get over it its just a game.

JoelT3690d ago

would Americans be upset if middle eastern folk made a game about flying planes into buildings?

alphakennybody3690d ago

My point was if those country can live with it,americans should to.

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