Sears' Sunday ad screws up Xbox 360 HDD price

In this week's Sears' weekly ad there's a sweet deal (read: misprint) that's worth checking out. We normally don't report on misprints or anything but a HDD that normally sells for $99.99 for $14.99 is just too good to no try and get. It's confirmed to be a misprint and several people reported that they didn't got the HDD for 15 bucks but you can still try. Let us know if you succeeded!

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STICKzophrenic5392d ago

... got the ad and took it to Best Buy and I got a hard drive for $15. I then went to Wal-Mart and they wouldn't do it :-\

Circuit City was sold out, so I might just go to Sears tomorrow and try it, see what they do.

frostbite065392d ago

definately taking it to circuit city tomorrow to see if i can get the price match. Ill let you guys know how it goes

STICKzophrenic5391d ago

I went to another Circuit City today, and I thought he was about to do it, but then he went and talked to his manager, then some other scrub came over and decided to call Sears. Of course Sears told him that it was a misprint.

I went to another Best Buy and they did the same thing.

I went to two different Sears stores today, and both were "sold out". I'm thinking they pulled them until the ad runs so that people won't hassle them to get it for the ad price.