inFamous 2: Gamescom Gameplay Footage

Videogamer has inFamous 2 gameplay footage filmed directly from the show floor.

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KILLERAPP2981d ago

This video, I have seen before but still it looks freaking awesome can’t wait to finish the beats in 2011…

BannedForNineYears2981d ago

I wonder what the beast looks like. ;3

Gamerbee2981d ago

That guy was such an Infamous n00b.Game looks amazing but please let the pros play the game!!

WildArmed2981d ago

I'm curious if there are any spoilers (even if minute in the game).

the last game was largely ruined for me due to all the media exposure it got.
I'm trying to keep inFAMOUS 2 video exposure on a downlow for me. (same goes for all the other games.. it's just more epic when you play the thing in one go and experience everything for a first time)

mastiffchild2981d ago

That's one of today's big problems:you want to find out a bit about a game to make an opinion but there's so much available you CAN wreck the discovery and story aspects pretty easily.

Not much in the way of massive spoilers here but, if you avoided itr already there might be a few things you didn't want to know-hell, I even feel they revealed a bit too much before the re-redesign myself! I'm happy this is going to be pretty damn good, liked the first and don't want any more story at all from now on so, imho, if you want to keep it real fresh just wait til it drops to think about it again. You'll be safe enough quality wise I reckon, no?

WildArmed2980d ago

Yeah, I'm picking this up either way. So i'm being reserved in the video watching for this game.
The cliffhanger really busted my balls in inFAMOUS to pick the sequel up day 1.

FACTUAL evidence2981d ago

Man, can't wait. Hey didn't anyone notice old cole is a new cole? Lol, doesn't look like old cole to me.

Figboy2980d ago

in this video really, REALLY sucked.

the game looked great though. i love the improved animations and the more involved melee system.

the wait for this game just gets harder and harder.

jalen2472980d ago

Graphics are very impressive...let alone an open world game.