The Fight: Lights Out: Gamescom Hands-On Gameplay Footage - Videogamer

Videogamer play through the fighting game with commentary by game Producer, John Mclaughlin

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Bigpappy2982d ago

I wish they would have shown the guy with the move in his hand to see it he was punching like I saw on screen.

outrageous2982d ago

Well first the positives...the art direction is nice.

That would be were the positives end. I noticed the guy was using 2 Move " chuks " to play this. Does that mean you have to have 2 sets of Move controllers to play this???. So if you are playing with 2 players that would mean you need 4 sets of Move controllers to play this game with 2 people...WTF!!! O_o

Slient Knight 92982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

You can play The Fight: Lights Out, with just one ps move controller per person.

TLG19912982d ago

JESUS CHRIST if your gana comment get your facts and your knowledge up to scratch first.

pork_chop_express2982d ago


It moves as quick as you do, have you ever played those old punching games in the arcades it takes a while to get used to actually putting force into a punch unless you fight regularly lol which 90% of people playing wont have it will be a good workout too.

tdogg060519912982d ago

But I want to feel like I'm really jacking someone up.

Axecution2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I was going to make a sex joke about "jacking someone up", but then i figured it would be pretty homo and immature.

On-topic: The game isn't looking very good in my opinion. :/

BrutallyBlunt2982d ago

I want to see a game that's like a real fighting game with quick responses. If Move can detect punches and kicks from people with Bruce Lee reflexes at 1:1 ratio i'm sold. Of course the game will need to run at 240 fps but that's besides the point.

tiamat52982d ago

People still think this is Wii Boxing where you just swing your arms wildly. It seems that you need to be more cautions with your moves and watch for openings and weak spots. It seems that it is more like Fight Night then Wii Boxing. Though and I am afraid it will chase away anyone who believes that it is broken or crappy because they don't want to adapt to the control scheme e.g. KZ2. Lair.

Megaton2982d ago

Looks about as sluggish as Fight Night.

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