Boobs: The Difference of Soul Calibur and Lara Croft

Both of these games have something in common: the women are, how we say, gifted in certain ways. But over time it seems Croft is becoming a bit more realistic (though still gifted) meanwhile the girls of Soul Calibur seem to be filled even more with helium. Check out the photo evidence below

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Focker-4203007d ago

Umm theres really not much to the article. I was hoping for an in-depth comparison between the two, but alas it was not.

ZippyGamer3007d ago

Pictures say a thousand words, haha! And yes, an in-depth article could be very good... :)

Gamer Muzz3006d ago

It's kind of a shallow subject though, wouldn't you say? LOL

dc13007d ago

But... Big ups to Lara for keeping it real!!!!... O_o

tplarkin73007d ago

Lara became an icon with large breasts. Making them smaller was political correctness. Also notice how sales decreased with the size of her boobs.

nickjkl3007d ago

soul calibur 5 shall be epic

CrzyFooL3007d ago

boobies!! hooray for boobies!!

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The story is too old to be commented.